Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Change of Policy-This Blog Will Be Deleted in March

Google has announced it will be basically blacklisting blogs that contain "explicit" adult content. Though I do not believe that my content here is explicit in nature, I guess that is up for debate and in the end if Google decides so then I have no control over that. Read the email I received below:
Therefor this blog and all it's links soon in the coming weeks will no longer be active and will be broken. I can only hope that Google will realize all the broken links it is going to create throughout the entire internet and revise their policy but I doubt it.

My plan (with the awesome help of so many who have told me it is not hard) is to create a wordpress blog which also means I may be integrating a payment processor as well which could make the purchase of some things a lot easier, discreet for you-especially if you are shy in contacting me. I hope to have this done in the next 2 weeks. I have yet to finish my taxes so taxes and creating a new blog juggling at the same time is not something I'm sure I can mentally handle so I need to finish one or the other first etc.

I've also been thinking of opening a cammodelstore, you may have seen this new options some ladies are trying out and it seems to be picking up speed quickly. It's an online store where a model can sell whatever she wants in it. This could also help to streamline things.

Overall though I love blogging and I like having everything in one place where people can read about things they are interested in, learn more about myself and purchase things they want.

Thanks for all the support as this will be a mentally taxing change I'm sure, though it's not "hard" it will take some time and uninterrupted concentration which is sometimes hard for me to come by.

I may not be posting as much as if this blog would not be taken down, I can export everything so I may try to sprinkle a few things in before the changing over. I will just need to put my energy toward opening the new blog etc then I can pick up from there.


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