Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Special Offer *Month Worth of Photos*

*This has been generously taken care of already.Feel free to watch my blog for the next chance!*I will be taking riding lessons for quite some time, you can still donate NOW and receive PVT photos*

Hey, let's play a game is back. This time I'm offering to whomever pays for my next 10 riding lessons ($300) -cheaper when paid in full for a group batch of lessons- a MONTHS worth of daily photos. This is like 30 days of Vikki that I use to offer but is no more. Photos range from casual to topless to nude to showing off what I'm doing that day. If I'm following you on twitter they will come to your direct message. If I'm not they will come to your email address. This HAS to be paid in a cash way/tributes therefor Amazon gift cards will not work for this. Other ways that I do not usually accept WILL. Email for details:
If you can't afford the full amount but want to take part I will accept $50 which would be 5-7 days of pvt photos; $100-which will be 7-9 days worth of pvt photos; $150 which would be 10-15 days worth of pvt photos. 
If more than one person wants to take part in this then that is fine too. I will save the money for the next group of lessons. I usually take 1-2 a week depending on time and weather. Any questions, ask!

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