Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Video Preview Ft. Natalie! #assworship #mesmerizing

you were put on this earth to worship Our perfect asses. Jerk, Stroke. want them. Need them. Their perfection. Nothing else matters but becoming insaely horny to Our nice big asses. Becoming helpless for them, for us. Look what I get to touch, you do not get to touch this. It is all mine. you know what is also Ours? you! We are going to own you.

We are going to make you SO horny. you are going to be so weak. Out of control. We are going to drive you crazy. We get to touch each others asses, dosen't that turn you on. you like it so much. Touching each other, feeling Our hands all over. Jerk. Stroke to Us. you want to be owned by Us. Do as We say. Submit to Us.

Mindless and mesmerized by Us. Serving Us. Serving the rest of your life. How bad do you want to cum? Cum for Us. RIGHT NOW. Do it. Look at Our perfection. Jerking right where you belong.

Find this new video here, released January 9th 2015 at 1am eastern.
Includes: Ass Worship/Bouncing/Touching/Swaying/Grabbing, Bare Ass, Nude Ass, Camletoe, Leather, Dirty Talk, Sensual, Seductive, Tease and Denial, Femdom, Female Domination, Shiny, Big Asses, Girl Girl, Cum Instruction/Encouragement 

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