Friday, January 30, 2015

Vikki Fact Friday 6

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Vikki Fact Friday 6: I don't like loud music, bars or huge parties. I would rather be out riding horses, having a bonfire or quietly relaxing in a serene environment.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thank you to UKE! -tight dress-

Thank you to UKE for this awesome, tight, cleavage inducing dress. I absolutely love it and already filmed a few videos in it.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Belly Chain! Thank you Tim.

Thank you to Tim for this belly chain. First one I've ever owned. I'm sure it'll make a cameo appearance in a clips video soon.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cam Girl Tip Tuesday 4-Spreading Yourself Too Thin

One thing that being on the internet as a web cam/adult model does it provide you with this mass array of other people doing similar things to what you are through the reaches of social media and viewing them live on cam.
You start to see what so and so is doing, what time she is working, how often she posts new videos and what new site she just joined last week to peddle her wares.
You start thinking to yourself...I could do that. I could sign up there. I could make more monetary income if I had my videos on X, Y and Z sites. What if I started doing this, or that, how about... Wait.

This could be true. But you need to stop and think about your time as well. Is it worth a few extra hundred a month to make sure you have the same videos uploaded, where on another site you are making 10x's that? To some it may be. To me it came down to the fact I was spreading myself too thin in too many areas on too many sites. Or could I just concentrate on a few things and maybe use that time I wasn't uploading to make some more content, be live on cam or hell...relax?! Yay.

I also asked my followers before, it was quite some time ago-a year or more, if having my videos on more than one site was confusing and turned them away as they were then confused where I was, which video was where etc. And 95% said yes. Now in the end of course us women running a business should do whats best for ourselves, but we also need to listen to those who are supporting that business as well.

In the end you only know what is best for you. But if you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off (so to speak) feeling tired all the time, anxious, stressed. This person wants that from you, hey join my new site. AHHHH. That can get really hard fast and hello burn out. No one wants to feel burnt out.

In the end you need to do what you enjoy, if you are not enjoying something anymore then re evaluate what you are doing and look for ways to reinvent yourself. Take time for you. You are important. At the end of the day the balance of your bank account may be important to feed, clothe and house yourself...but it does not emulate your worth. Be worthy of knowing what is best for yourself.

When reading emails... -video-

This is what happens when reading emails...-delete- Tribute Me if you laughed.

MeUndies! Martin! MeHappy! -thank you-

Thank you to Martin and @MeUndies for a gift of my favorite underwear. So soft, fit well. Love!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The value of acknowledgement (and downfall of expectations)

This past Christmas season I purchased/made/sent some gifts that I may have not have normally done so. All with the thought of thinking of others; like in earlier blog posting I mentioned my late grandfather who always was giving to others. In such big ways that I never even knew about until his funeral ceremony.
So I decided to try and do more giving lately. Whether it was my time, resources etc.
Then I realized that I was waiting for people to acknowledge that they had done so, not in the fact of hi look at me, but knowing that they received and enjoyed the gift I sent.

It was nice to hear from those who did take the time to thank me and let me know they received something special. Thank you if that was you! but it also made me take a step back and think of a few things that could be a life lesson. One that would provide less fucks to give, courtesy of an article I read from KittyWilde the other day. Here:

Ode to KittyWilde for that little reminder.

Then I realized how special it must be when I post here thanking everyone who gives such nice gifts to me off my wishlist. How it must bring a smile to your face when I say HEY YOU! thanks yes, I appreciate that you went out of your way for me. I'm glad I can give to you in that manner. It does make me happy too. Acknowledgement.

But it then brings me to the thought of (and something I was just discussing with a close friend from high school) that when people expect things of others (because that is how they would handle their life, situation etc) that is when we become disappointed. Expectations.

In the end this could be a lesson for myself as well. Giving, if done, should be done freely without any expectations of a response. Because giving, when done right, is from the heart and done so selflessly.

Either way. Thank you Mina Stefan for this wonderful photo you posted thanking me for a gift:
In ending. Life lesson learned. Always on a journey here...what life lessons have you learned lately?

Schedule For This Week!

This coming Tuesday (tomorrow) is the last time Brooke and I are recording together for quite some time. Read here for that "Last Chance" blog posting:

I'm also recording custom videos of my own on Tuesday morning and doing a few thank you's for wishlist items if time allows. You can view this part of my blog for information about solo custom videos:
I could also have some time for morning am Skype's. (Around 9am-11am est)

Thursday I will be live online somewhere around the time frame of 10/11am est to 1pm est. I have a massage at 2 that is so wonderfully paid for by Mat. I could also have some time for morning am Skypes.

Friday I have a personal apt at 11am and unsure what, when, if I will be online. Potentially I could have some time for morning am Skype's or later afternoon. Contact me if interested. If you are no on my pvt Skype list it is a $25 tribute or gift card. It's forever. It's personal and how I cam more often than not.


Friday, January 23, 2015

I'm going to... #nibble

I have you right where I want you, haha, you little man, Down there. I'm so much bigger than you. and there is so many things, that I can do to you! haha

you are so little. haha. what if I just...-foot over top of you- does that make you nervous? how does that make you feel. hehehe

That is far from My favorite thing to do to a little man. Do you want to know what that is? look at you down there. So helpless. Look at Me, so in charge, you can't do anything. Don't even think about running, you won't get far. I'm much bigger than you.

and you know what, I'm really hungry are far too little to make Me a sandwich. Far to small to be useful in that way to cook ME anything. But I do have another idea that you can do for little pathetic man down there.

Alright, let me get you, come up here. -licks lips- I have somewhere I want to put you

               Includes: Giantess, Vore, Grinding/Knawing Teeth, Eating Legs/Arms, Kink, Fetish
#VORE #clips4sale Nibbling on you (Giantess/Vore) via @clips4sale

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank you to mat. #onsie #sideboob

mat is so good. he saw this say NOW on my wishlist and scooped it up. I would say it was a great idea that he did. he now has pvt photos in his inbox. and I'm happy with my new outfit.
you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something special and receive these type of thank you photos here on My blog: VL via @amazon 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Special Offer *Month Worth of Photos*

*This has been generously taken care of already.Feel free to watch my blog for the next chance!*I will be taking riding lessons for quite some time, you can still donate NOW and receive PVT photos*

Hey, let's play a game is back. This time I'm offering to whomever pays for my next 10 riding lessons ($300) -cheaper when paid in full for a group batch of lessons- a MONTHS worth of daily photos. This is like 30 days of Vikki that I use to offer but is no more. Photos range from casual to topless to nude to showing off what I'm doing that day. If I'm following you on twitter they will come to your direct message. If I'm not they will come to your email address. This HAS to be paid in a cash way/tributes therefor Amazon gift cards will not work for this. Other ways that I do not usually accept WILL. Email for details:
If you can't afford the full amount but want to take part I will accept $50 which would be 5-7 days of pvt photos; $100-which will be 7-9 days worth of pvt photos; $150 which would be 10-15 days worth of pvt photos. 
If more than one person wants to take part in this then that is fine too. I will save the money for the next group of lessons. I usually take 1-2 a week depending on time and weather. Any questions, ask!


Last chance on TWIN CUSTOM VIDEOS for the next 6 months. Yes you read that right, for at least 6 months we will not be creating any custom content together. Brooke is pregnant right now (and you all love to ask Me if it's true LOL) and will be taking time off of her own solo work soon and that means twin work as well for an even longer period of time.
If you are interested in purchasing a custom video  with us both you will need to have an idea/outline approved and payment sent within the next 1-2 weeks. Read below for prices and more information.

CUSTOM VIDEOS: 5 minutes = $100. 10 minutes = $200. 15 minutes = $300

Custom videos are delivered via wetransfer within 2-4 weeks of payment. Please be patient when awaiting a custom video that contains Us both-We have to make sure our schedules line up. Any topless clips are $100 more. No full nudity. EMAIL: for questions and payments. Amazon gift cards, tribute via clips/iwantclips or concealed cash to our PO Box. We both must approve script/clip before payment is sent. You can pick outfits, have your name said and send (condensed) scripts.
No kissing/making out, sexual touching of each other, lap dancing, actions will be accepted-don't even bother emailing thinking your extra $ will convince Us otherwise. We are into fetish, femdom and erotica and only record things We genuinely like-We like to have mutual enjoyment of fetishes with Our clients.

You can view Our clips4sale store to get an even better idea of the content We produce here:

Fetishes We like but are not limited to: Ass Worship, Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Shrinking, Vore, Mouth/Ear/Legs/Feet Fetish etc, Forced-bi, Sissy Training, Role Play Fantasies, Changing Shows (bikinis, bras, thongs etc) Cuckolding, Secretaries, Babysitters, Edging, Ruined Orgasms, Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Eating Instruction, Ignore, Games, Tease and Denial, Breast Worship, Fantasy Blackmail and more. Any (legitimate) questions just ask.
Thank you for reading and Thank you for your support and stopping by! Ciao

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

thank you to MARTIN! Tiny Thong

Martin, thanks for coming forward! THANK YOU! Here are some thank you photos for you. It fits great and I'm sure I will be wearing it frequently!
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thank you to kevin h. Leather Thigh High Boots.

I'm in love with these and they are super easy to walk in which says a lot for ME! Since heels can be a tricky addition to My play closet if they are not comfortable than I usually don't wear them a lot. BUT these I can tell already are going to be put on MANY times in the near and far future. Thank you to Kevin!
you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something special and receive these type of thank you photos here on My blog: VL via @amazon 

Monday, January 19, 2015

thank you to D

For this new grooming tool for Bella and I. you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something special: VL via @amazon

thank you to tim

For My new grooming gloves for Bella. Excited to use them on her! you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something special: VL via @amazon

thank you to mat

For one of My most favorite gifts EVER! A stuffed Bella look a like. you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something: VL via @amazon

thank you to blipsub

For My new horse riding ventaliated tights and warm winter riding gloves. Good boy on picking out horse related items! I love them both. you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something: VL via @amazon

thank you to mat.

For My brand new Uggs. Super easy to put on when in a hurry and warm. Yep. I wear Uggs. you can find My wishlist here if you want to send Me something: VL via @amazon