Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year! I'm going to spend part of my day with some friends, a brief visit with Bella (going to be very cold today!) and then at home with family. Though I'm unsure if I will stay up till midnight. A quiet night at home is mostly what I enjoy though. What are your plans? Leave me a comment below!

I had some questions about AVN's in Vegas this year and no I will not be attending. I actually forgot about it this year with everything that has transpired in the past few months. I'm really looking forward to condensing in 2015 and continuing my less is more mantra in life. This year was pretty busy with the selling of my previous home, purchase of another and then the settling in time period. Which included replacing the AC/Furnace and pool liner soon after moving in. (to the tune of $15-20,000 -barf-) Now I'm looking at needing to replace quite a lot of windows as since winter has came (and gone and coming again) I see that the seals in the windows are expired. I have lovely morning dew look all the time on them. Yay for home ownership!

I've had lots of thoughts about what I want to do with the house and land I have come the spring. I do need to build a new barn and construct some sort of pasture areas for Bella as I think I want to bring her here during the spring and summer. Then board in the winter again when it's cold. We shall see what happens. Either way I need a new barn, previous one was constructed poorly and roof is falling in all over. (yuck) I've been casually looking at plans and trying to decide on something relatively soon. And saving, saving, saving for it!

I also need to figure out where I want to place a garden. Decisions decisions! I'm going to feel like a little girl of the limberlost farmer here soon. My parents purchased some homesteading type books for me for Christmas and I've had some time to casually breeze through. The first few years of owning a home you want to be "self sufficient" on is about setting up where things will go and making sure everything is sturdy and in working order. So I'm definitely still in that stage and will know that is going to continue for awhile. Which is great, enjoying the journey and process is what should be happening. Frustrations and all. (that's what they say)

I'm very happy where I'm at, life is a constant journey and I'm always evolving to do better, live better and feel at peace. Having my wonderful horse Bella, like I mentioned before, really helps with stress and anxiety. When I go see her nothing else matters and my head is clear. It really is a lovely feeling. She is an expensive therapist I think? That is what she whispered to me last night. (hehe) Thank you again to everyone who has donated to her saddle fund and well being. Her and I both appreciate it to the last universe in the galaxy and back.

I hope the new year is a continuation of good things for you all as well. Thank you to everyone here who is such a light and big support in my adult and art work. I appreciate you all. XO

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

One of the funniest responses of 2014... #twitter

Ciao 2014! So Thankful.

I want to personally thank each and every one of you who has supported me this year. Clips, customs videos, thoughtful gifts and kind words of motivation and compliments galore. Visiting me live on cam and being such good boys, gentlemen and making me so excited for the future of my career here.

I've had a lot of changes in my life this year and I'm still evolving to be where I want to be. To live that life of self sufficiency, to be thankful for the small things. I don't need to "keep up with the Jonses" and I don't need to be like other girls online.

A big part of happiness and feeling successful is the ability to share myself here. To be real. To even share the moments that hurt or are not as conventional. I thank you all that you are here through everything. Life is ever changing and so am I. Change is what propels us forward, into new things, experiences.

At the end of the day, being down to earth, being kind, much more important to me then someone thinking I'm perfect because of the shoes I have, the car I drive or whats in my bank account. Yes I like female domination (genuinely) but I want the time you spend here to add to your life, not take away from it. I want to be an escape, a moment of entertainment and rest. No regrets.

I'm thankful for the up's and down's the failures and successes, I think they all make me better. Smarter and stronger. So cheers to 2014 and going into a new year and reflecting on starting anew, I wish you a happy and healthy 2015.


QUESTIONS: kelly mackle @kellymackle Dec 22
What would you do if you were shrunk to doll size?

ANSWER: That makes me want to have an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I think submissive people are more into the shrinking fetish. I would just hope there was a doll house around for myself to utilize I guess. -shrugs-

Monday, December 22, 2014

Q/A #spanking

  1. QUESTION: Brad@TheGreatJizzo 
    what's your feelings on "percussion"? If a fan, do you prefer: paddle, flogger, or bare hand? Better to give or receive? personally I'm a giver and prefer using my hand. But paddles are great for more pin point attacks. ;)

    ANSWER: Thank you for your great question!
    I like spanking. I think it can be great foreplay, or so I have read it can even give some people orgasms with just the action alone. 
    Having a small hand I think that I prefer a paddle or something of that nature. (hairbrush? wooden spoon? so many options) I think with a flogger or whip you do have to be careful and skilled at where it lands. As it can be painful and though some do like pain, in certain areas it may not be what is wanted. Practice practice!
    Being a natural Domme I do not really like to be spanked. In personal life or public etc. Once in a blue moon (har har har) it can be okay. Not something I'm asking for or thinking of daily.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My current TOP 5 selling clips!

STILL at #1 and released October 2nd, 2014 is: #TABOO "Make Me Queen Brother" via @clips4sale. The sequel to this clip is being released in January. Hope you are looking forward to it! Check this one out if you have not, it's quite sexy! #topless

My #2 clip released November 17th 2014 is #CEI "Secret Submissive Desires (CEI)" via @clips4sale. Cum Eating Instruction is a favorite of Mine and I'm always thinking of new ways to make you do what I want you too *wink
My #3 clip released November 23rd 2014 quickly became popular as it had been awhile since I released a clip in the #HOMEWRECKER catergory. You guys LOVE seeing Me in this role. It can be quite sassy! "Humiliating the wife" via @clips4sale
My #4 clip released November 25th 2014 is another favorite of Mine...controlling how you stroke. Like it too? Check it out here: #ORGASMCONTROL "Permission to Stroke" via @clips4sale
My #5 clip released November 7th 2014 seems to be yet ANOTHER video where I control how you stroke and deny your orgasm. Follow along here, if you dare: #ORGASMDENIAL "Denied" via @clips4sale

There you have it. Looks like I need to test your patience and wet your appetite for more videos in these categories. Don't worry...its coming. But you may not be! -evil grin-
Happy Sunday!

Condensing. (Kinkbomb)

Some may have noticed that My Kinkbomb profile is down. It is with a saddened heart that I start to condense my clip stores. I have nothing against Kinkbomb and wish them all the best in success. It's a decision I've had to make for my health and that I've been spreading myself too thin all over the place. If you use to purchase there and can not do so elsewhere in the future please contact Me to purchase directly. I can send files via an online transfer system. Discreetly.

If you notice My videos still up there for sale please let Me know-it could be a glitch etc. 
If you want to link Me to previous tweets so I can delete them (that had contained links to videos when My studio was active) that is a very good boy thing to do.

Over time I will be taking My videos down from other avenues as well. I've been more then welcomed and helped all across the board, but it is something I have to do for Me. So that I can continue to produce the best content I can and continue to improve.

If you have questions you know where to find Me. Thank you.

Friday, December 19, 2014

"I want to be Your slave..."

Lord almighty. At these type of tweets and emails.
you know what I think when I read that...okay? Show Me?
My attention is gained by many avenues but what do you have to offer Me in servitude?
I give a lot of Myself through Twitter, My blog and many other actions. I'm a giver in many ways.

Anyone can talk...but who is going to put forth the effort. I have no reason to blink an eye at someone I don't know who just keeps talking about what they are going to do-but never have and likely probably never will. I know those who support Me, in many ways, art and adult, I appreciate them and I try to go out of My way to make sure they know the relationship is gratifying for us both.

Even in domination, a person who is (in My opinion) a true lover and connoisseur of the BDSM D/s life style is doing it because of genuine interest, because the income that can come with it is gratifying as well. (For those who do in person sessions, online avenues etc) Some relationships of course money does not exchange hands and they fall into a pattern of give and take. I'm a big advocate of doing what you really like, not just because someone asks or puts a dollar amount out there. I've been offered large sums of money for a variety of things. Things I never plan to do no matter the cost because at the end of the day My journey is about feeling at peace with Myself, My decisions and how or what ideals I'm leaving behind Me. It's ever evolving and I'm always searching, learning, needing, desiring...changes that bring Me to who I'm. The best of Me to share with you.

I think people are misinformed of D/s relationships. Even though one appears in servitude to another, it really is a relationship where one is giving and taking (each toward one another) and each has to make sure they are being fulfilled in some manner. Or else it just won't work (for long).

A lot of who I'm and what I like to express here is feeling the connection, the relation, the meaning. Whether it is expressed in a clip video, a live show, an interaction elsewhere. I want you to want to serve Me in many ways and if you can not actively show Me that this is in your true interest, then My attention will be easily warranted elsewhere. If I give to you and get nothing in return the focus of energy is really unsatisfying. I like a big circle...Always going around and around, sometimes slow sometimes fast. At the end of the day I like to know I'm enjoyed. What I'm producing, writing, important.

Whether you buy one clip, get 50 live shows in a year, purchase customs etc...I want you to feel relaxed, happy and fulfilled. At the end of the day this could very well be a source of entertainment for yourself, a way to shut off real life. I like that, I like that I can be an escape. So in this ever evolving world of female domination I so happily stumbled into, I thank you.

I thank those who sincerely wish to follow the same path of internal and external interests and fulfillment. Because I truly believe that in D/s it is of the mind and the body-for some the soul as well.

In ending, if you really want to serve Me in some manner, read My blog...If you are on the same wave length as Me I'm sure you will find yourself in the right place, doing the right things and spending quality time with yours truly. (Me) -smiles

Classy Domme.

I always love sex appeal that is transpired by classy clothing that still provides a tease.

Do you want to be spanked?

you know what happens to boys that don't listen? I've been waiting to punish you...been thinking of the exact thing to let you know just how much you've displeased Me. you know what thats going to be? you are going to get a nice...hard...spanking. Oh your cheeks are getting rosy already! don't worry, I'm going to make your ass match. Maybe then you'll remember who's in charge here.

I'm going to put you right over My knee and spank you a smuch as I'd like. you are welcome to count but...I don't have a specific number in My head right now. I'm going to do it as much as it pleases Me. I'm going to make your ass red, your ass is going to won't be able to sit for a day...a week...I don't know but you are always going to be thinking of Me.

Includes: Crop, Whip, Spanking, Seduction, Femdom, Female Domination, F/m, Ass Spanked, Femdom POV, Spanking Sounds, Bratty

The best way to enjoy this video is to play along. Spank yourself with any object you enjoy that is around your house, or get someone else to join you and spank when I do! Have fun-I want your ass beaming red for ME!

Find this new clip HERE:

PS: This clip is not showing up as being released in My Clips4Sale store on December 17th like it should on a computer. It does show up on mobile and when you go to the SPANKING category in My fetish store. Hopefully this glitch will right itself in the next few days if not I will contact support. YES it can still be purchased, it just may not show up in some browsers like it should unless you have the direct link.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Skype ID Special!

A lot of you ask for my Skype ID. I think almost all of you think I willingly hand it over to anyone who pretends they want to purchase a live show. tisk tisk. (The only time I for go the Skype ID purchase is if I know you via another live camming avenue and you have had quite a few shows with me and I know you are serious.)

I usually charge $25 for my ID in the form of a tribute or gift card. I log into Skype a few times a week AND this is about the only way you can schedule a live show with me on a WEEKEND. gasp. If you know me at all you know I'm practically never online at all on the weekends.

Till the end of December I'm going to do a $10 Skype ID special. Email a gift card to me ( I prefer Amazon or send a tribute via any of the sites I'm a part of. (iWantClips gives me the best %)

Skype shows are $6/minute. I'm reliable and I show up for the time you have paid for, not a minute more or less. I end the show (Skype has a timer to upper left) when the time limit that has been purchased has been reached. Payment can be in form of tributes, a gift card or cash sent through the mail concealed. All the particulars can be figured out much easier when you purchase the ID and we can talk freely on Skype.

Skype is a privilege, I can take you off if you waste my time, are rude or just plain ask me to do things you know I do not like/illegal etc.

Contact me to take part in this holiday special! Look forward to meeting some new people and creating some fantastic role play magic.

#lifehacks for men 2

Holding open doors for any lady will get your brownie points I don't care of you are the Beast or have a hump back. I don't care of you know the woman, hate her or want to take her home. Chivalry in day to day life seems to be dead these days and if you have it, kudos.

I always love finding old vintage photographs of men when they wore suits, pocket chains with watches and had those lovely mustaches. I kick myself for not buying one I found at good will the other day. Sometimes I think I'm born into the wrong era but since in this day and age I won't be stoned to death for showing off my erotic side maybe it's all working out.

I feel a lot of sexual things still happened like they do today, it was just a lot more hush hush. As the world grows more things are becoming common place or not as taboo as they once were.

So for early 1900's sake, please hold open doors for women. We will all thank you.

P.S. A man let a door slam into my shoulder the other day. -humph-


This blog is going to be full of randomness. Some PSA type things and shenanigans.

I had been talking about some some polaroids and selling them to in turn buy toys for toys4tots. Well when dropping off some items yesterday (that someone lovingly gave me a gift card to buy toys with!) I found out that all the locations are already picking up their items. I guess I did not realize how close it was to Christmas and that this may not be possible. I had life things come up lately that have made some extra things I wanted to do this month kind of hard.
I think I will still try and do the Polaroids but I won't be able to do toys4tots THIS year. I will have to plan better next year. Instead I will find something else to donate too that is worthwhile. I know a lot of people were interested in donating/buying the Polaroids so my apologies over any disappointment. I myself am bummed out but I'm not going to beat myself up over it as life sure has been tough the past few months.

It's been 3 weeks since my grandpa died and it just seems to be harder. I know this will probably continue for awhile and having a Christmas without his signature on a card and gifts to give him will be a tough occurrence. My mothers best friend is now in the hospital and has cancer for the third time. I've been trying to lend extra emotional and physical support to my mother when I can. Loosing her dad, her best friend going through another tumultuous time and my mother being laid off from work has been really hard for her. Real life, what a roller coaster!

The one thing that has kept me (kind of) sane and not as anxious is seeing Bella at the barn, going riding, purchasing supplies for her. Yes an expensive hobby but I finally found something that I love and I think of nothing else while I'm there learning and experiencing new things. I've had Bella 4 weeks now and shes greatly enriched my life, getting me out of the house, meeting new people and just feeling alive. Bella and I are still getting to know each other and I'm still trying to make sure she knows I'm the dominant one. (Come on Bella don't you read my blog and see my twitter?!?) Sometimes she likes to be a bit bratty and go in the direction she wants, or go faster then I'm telling her too etc. So doing lots of re training of her, she use to barrel race so she thinks go go go! and I'm like no no no! haha.
I mentioned this briefly on my twitter that a few people had mentioned wanting to donate to the tack purchase for a Christmas gift. How overwhelmingly kind of you! You can contact me at my email for the best way to do so: The total was $1248. No I do not expect this to be paid in full, or that anyone was going to want to help, but wow, sincerely, THANK YOU! Really is a big help and I'm smiling so much right now.

Brooke has been away on some personal business out of state so our twin clip store may have a bit of a hiatus-I do have some videos from last year that were never released so you may see those soon! She is also pregnant, yes...she really is. SO many people have asked me if she really is. I find this downright hilarious. But since she IS (really, truly, sincerely LOL) pregnant and working hard to que her clip stores to take some leave soon in 2015 it's also really hard to get together and do extra for the twin store as well. Any custom videos with us both will have a 4 week delivery time frame and soon won't be available at all for awhile. Usually we get together 1-2 times a month. With the holidays it's also proving to be even more difficult. Thank you for everyone's patience and understanding. We won't be taking our store down we will just have to be re allocating our time and updates may not be as much as they use to be. But many congratulations to Brooke and her new journey she is on-it's going to be a awesome thing to be an Aunt and I can't wait to help her out and enjoy the new family member.

I'm also have been thinking hard about how and where my time is going online. I've come to the conclusion that I have my clips videos in too many places, signed up on too many sites and spreading myself thin. This has proven that I'm not enjoying myself like I use to be as I'm spending so much time trying to make sure I have this video updated here, this one there etc. Yes my income may have risen with adding more sites but in turn it falls in others so am I really making more, or just making more for myself to do. (?!?!) I know that some people prefer one site over another for purchasing videos and I'm sorry if I end up pulling them from that site. You can always buy directly from me using Amazon gift cards, mailed cash or tributes on other sites.
I also want to try and live cam again some more once I've figured out what sites I'm staying on and which one's I'm not. For the record I have nothing against any of the sites I'm on, all are very helpful and have been more then accomodating. I'm doing this for my mental (and in turn) my physical health. Stress and anxiety is not worth money to me. I'm here because I love my job and when that turns into something else other then love I need to re evaluate what I'm doing and standing for.

Yes shocking, I DO have morals (winky winky) -not my eyes-

Anyways...I think that about sums up the particulars because if I make this ANY longer no one will get through it. I have more to say but hey, that's for another blog because I know you can't wait to come back.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Make Me Queen Brother 2... *Video Preview*

Hello My king, br0ther. So glad you could come into my chambers today, I know you've been very busy running the kingdom. I have something I need to talk to you about today. Everyone thinks you are so kind, making your sister the Queen.

I think that we need to take this further though-we need an heir. I need to be the one who produces one and you are going to help me. I know you want to fuck me right? Come here, put your cock in me. I need it hard and fast, I need you to get me pregnant with your cum.

MMm yes, that's it. Get right on top of me br0ther. Doesn't this feel so good?

Includes: Taboo Erotica, Topless/Bottomless Nudity, Impregnation Fantasy, POV Virtual Sex, Role Play, Jerk Off Encouragement, Femdom, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Tease and Denial, Cock Tease, Kink, Fetish, Fantasy                             
Find this video here in January: #nsfw #taboo #clips4sale #virtualsex

Friday, December 12, 2014

Vikki Fact Friday 5

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Vikki Fact Friday 5: I like to keep busy. I don't really like sitting down to watch TV or play games. If I'm going to sit down in any form it is usually to take a nap or go to bed. Everyone always asks if I work out or play sports, I'm just very active all the time. It's a proven fact it is good for your body to stay active most of the day, sitting idle for long periods of time isn't good for your blood flow or joints.
Or maybe I just don't know how to relax and that's my excuse. #adhd?


It's taking me a little bit to want to write about attending my grandfathers funeral. Being the holidays it seems 10x's harder to accept reality when someone passes around a time that "togetherness" is especially advertised.

I went to my grandfathers funeral to support my mother and grandmother. I wouldn't profess to say I knew my grandfather very well...and going to his funeral proved that. Though I think some people tend to not tote around their positive impact on the world. And it can only be felt, talked about and known when they have passed and others are grieving in the way of speaking kindly and highly of ones high lights during their time here on earth.

I won't dive too deep into my feelings there and here at this time, its much to complicated anyways. I want to touch on the fact that I learned that my grandfather did things I never knew about, that he will forever be remembered by. Little acts of kindness that are so touching and make me miss the person I never even knew he was.

My grandfathers friends were telling stories at his funeral...How he would get up extra early to help single mothers take their kids to school because the mom had to work. How every year he bought Christmas gifts for single mothers and families who couldn't afford to do so themselves. How he would tip over and above at restaurants to those who he knew needed it the most. My grandfather did not have much, he never did in his life. He was a hard working man but his hard work went far beyond a weekly pay check. He silently made an impact on others around him through doing what he could with what he had.

What an example to be thinking of at this time of year. It is really hard to write this, it is hard to think about especially the details I hold behind. I just hope that this encourages you to do simple acts of kindness, all year around. I know it sure has made me think, what can I do to give to others? A smile? A helping hand? We can't save the world and not every problems is ours to solve...but we can hold a hand today, bring cookies or small gifts to a nursing home...time is of the essence. Time is valuable. If you can give that or give of your resources to others in need, thank you.

I know that in remembering my grandfather, I'm going to be better at remembering to give back. I'm going to do what I can, when I can. Start a circle, a chain of giving. Don't stop, because I'm almost certain it will come back to you.

Happy Holidays. Hug those who matter, Call those you can. Sometimes its hard, but nothing every worth having comes easy.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy New Year Hubby...

A surprise for you...coming soon. January 3rd 2015.  #cuckold #chasity

It's your lucky day hubby! I've got a bigggg surprise for you. I know you've been waiting for it. Seeing me dressed this way, matching lingerie...and heels. you just love when I put those on, don't you!

 you know what you are going to do for me today hubby, do you know what is going to happen? It's time for you to come to the realization are just not cutting it for me. That's right, you heard those words, come out of my mouth correctly. kneel for me now. you know I've never been much of a giver...much more of a taker and one who demands what I want, need and desire. Now that means you are going to serve me...while a man with a big cock is going to come and please my tight little pussy. That's right, this little pussy deserves a nice big cock. It deserves a big dick in there and to be pleased...and you are not going to be in charge of that anymore -laughs-

 There is so many new roles you are going to have...but you should feel lucky though, that you will still be allowed to look at your hot perfect seductive want to do anything to pelase me. whatever I want.'ll be a good little cuck for me. mmmm yes you will...yes that is what you are going to be now...oooo did I let it slip? -hehe-

 Well, if you ever want to see these big tits again, my tight little pussy... you better do what I say.

Includes: Cuckolding, Chasity, Seduction, Lingerie, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Kink, Femdom, Female Domination, Locked Up, Keys, Tease and Denial

Sunday, December 7, 2014

BIG Thanks! B&V

Thank so much to those who continue to support our #fetish and #kink videos, along with getting #customvideos from us too. We truly appreciate it.

You can find a complete collection or our videos on +Clips4sale

We've opened a new studio on and they give us an awesome model % there, the best! Make sure to check it out as the complete library of videos will be available soon. Here is the link:

We also have a growing range of videos available on Kinkbomb, which can be found here:

If you are interested in a custom twin video please email me at:
Custom twin videos start at $20/minute. We love playing out your fetishes and mutually enjoy everything we produce!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

My favorite...

place to currently receive a tribute is on My new store! They give me the best percentage on all sales and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy. So go ahead, send me something and tell me why you love me in the notes: #kink #fetish #goddessworship

Thursday, December 4, 2014

NEW video preview! #erotica #bigtits #nippleplay

My last clip "Big Tits and Nipple Play" released in July 2014 has reigned as one of the top sellers on my erotica and role play clip store. (number 3!) This is a preview of my latest rendition in this category. I figured why not give you guys another great video to love? You can find it here: on Friday the 5th released at 7pm eastern time. Until then, enjoy the GIF! As always, if you want to see more videos of a certain type tributes are always a great way to show so. Or grab yourself a custom video by following this link: CUSTOM VIDEO INFORMATION  Happy Kink! -MV

A 10 minute video does not take me....10 minutes.

I think when people see a certain price charged for a custom video, or a pre recorded clip they think "that is expensive". Well sure, but expensive and quality usually run hand in hand if you know what you are looking for.

When I go to create a custom video for example, I've sat down, read the email, thought about if it would be a good match for my own interests and comfort level. Then once I agree to it, making sure payment is made and carving out the perfect time to record. No outside or inside noise interference, having the right lighting, right atmosphere, the correct props, make up done, hair done, lotion applied, all skin smooth, nails done, recording room clean, computer working, cam working, sound working and in the correct out fit and making sure I hit all points in the video that one has purchased.

By now, these things alone, have taken me at least 2-4 hours depending on if I needed to order something specific, set up a different area to record in etc.

Now I'm finally in front of my computer and ready to record...Then I hear a plane overhead...So I wait. Now it's gone. Then my sun light changes. Waiting again. Oh now I'm thirsty and I need to re apply my chap stick, lip stick and lip gloss. Oh shit is that a tampon string hanging out of my panties?

(that was just for a laugh, if you are grossed out, read this:)

Moving on. Finally I'm pressing start. Right next to the video or written on a piece of paper (oh another step I forgot to include up there!) are certain lines, phrases, points of interest I need to hit to make sure the video turns out how it is suppose too. So while I'm recording I need to make sure this all flows how it is suppose too. I need to not mess up while talking, choke on my own breathe or spit (yes this happens HAHA) and say everything I'm suppose too.

This all requires being in a certain frame of mind overall. One can not record if sad, upset or raging PMS. Well, maybe some girls do, but I make sure I'm really feeling what I'm about to do so that it's the best of me. Of course, I'm always reading new books, articles, forums etc to learn anything I can about my interests in kink, fetish and erotica. I'm all about self education.

Moving on again. I'm finally done, maybe I had to stop and start over sometimes because of noise I cant control (fucking lawn mowers!!) or the video system itself decided to take a vacation. (pouty face) or I forgot to say the persons name...or I said the wrong name. Yikes. haha.

Finally...finally I'm really done now and I watch the video, make sure I did everything I was suppose too and then send it on it's merry way to the new owners. Then I wait eagerly to make sure the person liked it (yes I do care, shocker!) I like to know you received your video and that you enjoyed it. That does not include a photo of your dicklet. Thank you.

I've also been in the adult world since April 2008, so I've been perfecting my craft for 7+ years now. That also comes into play with how I record and make sure I'm putting out great videos and new ideas.

It really took me about 3-5 hours to read, prep and accomplish your custom 10 minute video.
The End.

Twins ! #footworship #legworship #assworship NEW

Here is a sneak peak at our latest twin video being released on Saturday on +Iwantclips (for $1 cheaper I might add!) and on +Clips4sale on Sunday

Here is the description:
We know what turns you on more then ever and we love to instruct you to jerk to Our perfect big round asses, our long legs and are perfect petite feet. Nothing stands in the way of you kneeling and worshiping like a good boy for us both. Twin sisters, commanding you to jerk to Our Goddess perfection. Sensual and Seductive, Do it now, for us-it's going to feel so good.

Includes: Jerk Off Instruction, Twins, Sisters, Sweater Fetish, No Panties, Ass/Leg/Feet Worship, Dirty Talk, Kink, Fetish, Femdom-Sensual and Seductive      


Black Pantyhose

This was my first EVER in my entire life, pair of black pantyhose. I have to say I really like how they look. Hopefully this is just the first of many. Pantyhose is a huge fetish and I love the instant classy look it brings to any outfit. I think even if you were hustling on the side of the street pantyhose would be like "Look at ME! and MY LEGS!" where do these pantyhose go...where do they end... *wink

Tuesday, December 2, 2014