Monday, November 24, 2014

Things you should be prepared for when you enter the adult online industry...

You think you have a little secret. Since you are on the internet, maybe using a different name, who is going to know it's you? That wig from the local chop shop hair store will help, along with those smokey bedroom eyes. Right?

Prepare yourself. Grandma may find out. Daddy's little girl is going to take on an entire new meaning. And the kid you went to high school with who never spoke 10 words to you in the 4 years you spent in the same building, all of a sudden asks you to hang out-10 years after you've left high school. (*raises eyebrow -pukes in nearest trash can-)
Some people are not going to be okay with your new found nudist camp. Myfreecams. Streamate. Camwithher etc. Or that anyone on gods green earth has access to what some people think is the most intimate thing of your entire being. Your naked body. Your willingness to tease, taunt and make a living off erotica. You may lose a few friends, you may gain some others. Keep yourself around open minded people, be what makes you happy. The strong survive regardless of this...but there are other factors.
Are you okay with someone else probably telling your parents/friends/work colleagues what you do online? Because let me tell you. The vindictiveness of other girls in the industry can be highly worse than an over zealous fan. Be careful who you chose to share yourself with, I don't (only) mean "customers". I mean those other girls who want to befriend you. There could be multiple reasons for so. Spreading your personal information. "Stealing" (or trying too) your supporters. Getting to know you to in turn try to air your dirty laundry and make you out to be some vagabond. Spreading false lies to in turn gain something for themselves.

Canter around social media sites, a girls chat room etc. How long has she been around? Does she seem to play nicely with other females? Who else has she worked with on cam/in adult? (and what do you know about those people) Cross reference. Research. Does she have frequent mental break downs for the entire world to see? Yikes. Hide your kids, hide your wife! Not everyone you think is a good friend, is indeed a good friend. Use common sense. Mind your own business. I mean that in many ways. Mind your own BUSINESS, so it grows. The more positive you are and careful who you surround yourself with for support and collaboration the better off you will be. Don't let negative people suck you energy or motivation. Doing so, the more successful you will be. And when you think you've found a chocolate chip (friend) and instead it's a raisin (foe) you can learn that lesson and be more careful. Hint: I had to learn this lesson.
That being said, there are still great women/men in the adult industry and I've learned to surround myself with those that are positive, uplifting and willing to make this career-even with all it's extra things to consider-work out. Once you've been on the internet for awhile you kind of learn a 6th sense. I don't even have to talk to someone to read their vibe-over the internet. I can just tell. Treed carefully when you are starting and work on you and your business. Take care of you and yours. Everything else is irrelevant.
Neigh Neigh.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Today was not what I expected. But life is busy happening while one tries to plan it. 

Watching ones parent completely break down after having a great bonding time prior too is about a mind blowing as one can get. My mother attended my first horse lesson with me today, I then encouraged her to hop on my horse and led her around. Near the end of the lesson my mother missed a phone call. One I wish would never had to happen...or at least not right now. When does one ever want to receive a phone call from a stranger at a hospital saying your father passed away. I was in my car with her at the horse farm as she called back the number, the utter grief and raw human reaction and emotion is something that hit me in a way I felt I was looking through a telescope at someone else's life. But so in the moment of the different feelings that occurred ...time rushed...time froze. My hand covered my mouth and my heart broke. Watching my mother feel such intense pain was almost just as much if not more the root of my grief, than the actual passing of my grandfather.

Today I lost a grandparent. Someone my mother, and the rest of the family, struggled to keep up consistent communication with. My grandfather was never one who was great with showing his emotions or that he cared-even though deep down I just know he did. When he passed away today, I felt much more than just a physical loss for myself. I felt a loss for my mother. For someone who just couldn't be what one would expect of a parent and the fact my mother never gave up trying to be in his life. In no way was my grandfather a bad person, and his memory is respected. Sometimes loss is in many forms, today it was certainly that.

This is the first major passing in my life time for me. Its hard for me to process and I'm not sure what to think-I just keep replaying how everything happened in my head like a horrible movie that isn't really my life. I've never been to a funeral before. I'm 27. Now my family and I will be spending Thanksgiving flying down south. My heart breaks. My grandmothers birthday is Thursday.

As my mother cried how the hospital said he was fine a few days ago, that she only got to talk to him briefly because he had been on oxygen, how life is not fair... hours passed, it felt like weeks. She went from distraught, to angry, to washing my dishes (shock) all within the span of ten minutes. The human brain processing such heavy information is so volatile. I'm reminded that no matter how hard a relationship is with a parent, if it's worth it, keep trying. They will know you care. They will feel what we all strive to feel from others in life. Love. Happiness. Shared memories. Smiles. Laughter. Not everyone is going to be who you want them to be, but be who you should be. You can be the change, the difference, a piece of happiness and comfort.

To the memory of my grandfather, you may have not been conventional, you may not have been who my mother wished you could be all her life, but you were you. You were loved and cared for despite your faults, as we all have those. I hope you know that. I hope to see you again someday, if that is possible. You are no longer in pain and for that I can find a small shred of comfort.

PS: Thank you to those who have expressed condolence and support. It truly means a lot. Everyone here means so much to me and the overwhelming love and help offered is so touching. Thank you to those who've asked how to help with flight/hotel costs for the funeral etc. The best way would just be through clips4sale/iwantclips tributes-feel free to leave a note. Any extra funds will be sent to my grandmother to help her with costs.

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Thank you again, much love to you all.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

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Vikki Fact Friday 4

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Fact 4. Something I say frequently, to myself, or others is "sweet baby pickles" it's like a cute way to swear in front of kids. Plus I love little pickles...the food. If you HAVE a little pickle I will probably giggle. *evil smile #femdom #fetishpickles

Dating when you are an adult model .... :O

While talking with KittyWilde, AedanRayne and Lolli the other day on twitter the conversation was brought up to tell a person you are dating that you are in the adult industry and whatever comes along with that conversation...

Lots of people commented on this and I read a handful...I saw mostly non industry people saying to "tell them right away! why hide the truth!" "be honest and up front so you know they can handle it" "they may not trust you if you don't tell them right away" and so on and so forth.

Then I saw a mixed review from some industry people but KittyWilde and Lolli came close to how I feel on this subject. And yes I have dated a handful of people during my time in the adult industry and feel (haughty haughty nose in the air) that I can gauge a good opinion on the situation.

I have had a wide range of reactions from people. Let me start with one where I was in a steady ish relationship and lived with the person so they were to know naturally. We knew each other well enough that is was something we assimilated into our lives rather than let get between us in any way. Long story short, it turned out fine, the person was apprehensive but curious in many ways...lets stop there. haha.

Moving on to another person I dated (again) that I had known since a young teenager. It was a reaction of "Why don't you do something else, like your art?" but he was perfectly fine with the money I made and spent on him or whatever we decided to go and do. It's okay sugar mamma for now but give it up someday okay? Dick... fuck you :)

PS: oh hey look what I'm doing now MY ART ! So thank you for that back handed comment that I remembered but guess what? I'm still doing adult because I love it too.

*I've never been one to have a guy tell ME what to do LOL shocking huh? I just would break up with them. If I'm not the center of attention and in control you can trot on out of the arena*

This one is good...I casually dated a piano player. Good times we were both artistic so it was fun. But I had ideas that he was having relations with his ex gf on the other side of the state when he went home and even though we were never close to being official I don't share. He thought it was great and would show pictures of me to all his friends... yay? Not so much. At the time I ignored it. Now I would be like my business is my business and if I share with you, you don't share with all your friends. I will call this "I feel like a cool guy syndrome" Not the biggest fan of that.

I will end with one last guy I dated very briefly and you will see why. He could call me a prostitute (he did not mean that in a nice way) one minute (of which I have nothing against this type of adult but honestly have never done) and than the next he loved me so much and wanted to stay the night. What? Now I can laugh, at the time it was very confusing and emotionally damaging to be treated so bi polar in that manner. I cut all things off with him as he also had a drinking problem that would spur his meanness on as well. None of these things I knew about beforehand but found out very quickly. And left.

So there you have it, four people I dated in the past 7 years. I don't do much dating these days. Mostly focused on center and taking care of my own. But the reactions from people vary drastically. From cool let me show all my friends, to you are a whore but lets be together...sometimes...all the prostitute you!

Before I leave here, I will touch on the comments of the non industry people. First off, telling someone on the first, second or third date that you are in adult is pretty presumptuous. You don't know each other that well, how do you  know he isn't some serial killer or will stalk you if the dates don't continue? Or tell all his friends about your private life. Neither of these situations benefit you.

Maybe the best conversation starter would be "Do you like porn" you know...if you decide to enter the bedroom together. Gauge how he feels about that and what he likes to watch.

Shut the fuck up, don't be coy. Most people these days are fucking before they even get out of whatever place they met at. (I don't do that. Never have never will because I like a healthy vagina) I even know people who ask a potential partner for a clean STD test before entering into sexual relations. (not a bad idea at all) But this is not about that. SO. Asking about porn if you are sexually active with someone should not be embarrassing. Especially if you've had their dick in your mouth.

Secondly telling someone on the first, second or third date about such a "taboo and sometimes touchy subject" you don't know each other well, there is no basis for he or she to stay with you if they are on the fence. Would probably still go sour fast without any grounding to explore and see how things would work out.

Lets have a fake (reality based) conversation for a minute. First date. Girl does porn.
Woman: Hey just want to let you know, I'm in porn, I have sex for a living. Is this okay?
Multiple Answers.
Man Answer 1. Wow, yes, perfectly fine, no worries at all. (man in back of his mind, I can't wait to see where this goes tonight, caaachoowww, going to tell allllll my friends! maybe even my mama!)
Man Answer 2. Um, well, my family is Catholic. I'm celibate till marriage... (Goes to bathroom and never returns)
Man Answers 3. Oh my god she probably has AIDS! (no I don't think this of industry people but most non industry people are very naive that performers are tested every TWO WEEKS! Results are shared on a private date base and any issues are taken care of.When was the last time you were tested?)
Man Answer 4. Wow, can I see some of your work, so beautiful. What's your five year plan? Marriage? Kids? (you can take this as creepy or genuine interest)

Let me tell you, most likely you are going to get the first three answers when you don't know someone well at all.

I think you should have a steady 6-10 dates under your belt and maybe a good sex romp or two before bringing it up. (Show them a clean STD test! Yay for responsibility!) I do NOT think not letting such information lose right away is lying. If someone understands and knows where you are coming from at all they will completely understand that your safety and privacy come first over someone you do not know very well. And I know most you girls (maybe guys) have a good background story you tell most people who ask about your work. For me I would simply say I'm an artist.

I don't believe hiding behind a veil forever because you are in adult is healthy but it is the cold hard truth that telling people such sensitive information can lead to reprocussions. Even just friends. I had a girl friend (case in point-that I did not now very long) who was totally cool with it when I told her and than 6 months later tells me GOD LOVES ME and I don't have to do "this".

By the way that is my favorite meme of all time. *laughs so hard*

The moral of this story is to choose your timing wisely. Surround yourself with positive, understanding and open minded people. I grew up in a religious home so what I do is very off the beaten path compared to what family would have preferred to see. But they love me just the same and my friends have stayed by my side throughout everything and I've learned to date and stay with someone who loves ME and isn't here for my income, the sex or "who I'm online". Know that a person can be that for you, before sharing everything.

That is my 2 cents and I'm sticking it in my piggy bank... Ciao!

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Vikki Fact Friday 3

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Fact 3.  I love my hair brushed when I'm out of the shower. It is so relaxing. MMM. Pet ME!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

#lifehacks for men...

If you are not in a relationship...
...and maybe you want to get in one, do yourself a favor and only wear plain colored boxers/brief.
For the love of god no cartoons, designs or snowflakes. (okay maybe I can pass some stripes)
Most women enjoy modern plain colors. That includes your boxers.

I know I'm not being weird or a bitch because I've discussed this many times over the years with girl friends. And it comes down to my memory distinctly remembering how a woman would say "OMG his boxers had such and such on them, I could not stop laughing to myself!"

Which in turn made me snicker.
Okay maybe my friends are bitchy? I don't know.
Which in turn that is why I'm here just trying to help you out guys.

Ahem. Ladies if you have a funny story about seeing a new guys choice of underwear please tell me, I will add it in here. LOL.

Once you get into a relationship, maybe she will get to the point where she buys you underwear (that is pretty shocking place to be, as I'm sure I can count on ONE hand how many times I've bought some grown male underwear)

And do you want to know what I picked out? Plain...colors...every...single...time. In no way do I want you to strip down and find out snoopy is plastered across your junk. You may as well take your boner to the shower and away from me. If I'm being sexual with you, it's serious and snoopy is not invited.

PS: These are merely my opinions, you don't have to agree with them and most are written as to give you a chuckle. Maybe it'll help you out, maybe it won't. G'day.

All these options above are approved. This message is supported and endorsed by MissVikkiLynn.

PS: While talking to Brooke about this she said when she first started dating a guy a long time ago he had some "silly" boxers in his wardrobe and it was a huge turn off. SO I'm not alone in this, take note. Edit your boxer wardrobe if necessary! 

but WHAT will the kids THINK! :O

Hide your kids!
Hide their eyes!
Don't let them know all the lies!
How they were concieved, so scary!
Oh poor poor little Mary...

Many times in the past 7 years I have seen comments in reference to myself or to others, trying to negatively put down those who have children and decide to work in the adult industry. Or celebrities who decide to show some skin in magazines or film etc. There is so many things I can say to this. I'm hoping to take a comedic route with it. Bear with me.

*It seems that nudity should have an auto attached form of shame to it. -raises eyebrow

*It seems that the very act that has created our children and the propelling of humanity forward should be hidden, shamed and shunned. -raises eyebrows more

*It seems that sex or viewing it or perhaps KNOWING that you parents par take in such barbaric actions is not condoned by majority of society (or religious fanatic groups). *eyebrows have now floated off my face

I hope by now, if you have any since of brain cells moving around up there (and you have not tootled off to the more sexual -gasp- areas of my blog now) that you know I'm being a bit sarcastic.

One huge point I want to bring up here, is that children and adult interests RARELY mix. Children do not care about what you did at work today; how many papers you pushed, how many phone calls you got or business deals that were made or hamburgers that were flipped.

Normal conversation with a child of speaking age:
Kid: Can I play with this or that, can you play with me?!
Kid: Can I also watch this or that?
Kid: Can I play outside?
Parent: How about I work on dinner while you watch "" and play with "" and then we can play together after dinner!

Not normal conversastion with a child of speaking age:
Kid: What did you do at work today? Did you take off your clothes? Did you bury someone? Did you maybe win a court case for someone who really did murder someone but it's okay because you won right?
Parent: Yes sweetie I made lots of guys ejaculate today! (sex worker) I also put an innocent man in jail today but Mommy/Daddy won! (lawyer) I had 5 burials today! Three of them were killed in action in Iraq over a war I'm not sure what that is about..Do you want to google it with me?! (cemetery worker) 

The only time a child has asked me about work is when they have seen me painting-Legit. I've never been asked why I'm wearing a black tight leather suit and shaking my ass around etc because well I don't do that in front of children... 

By now I hope you get what I'm saying. Most kids have NO clue what their parents really did at work that day, NOR do they care.
Furthermore children at school etc are not going to know what someones parent does so bullying usually around a young age has things to do with clothes, personality etc.

Once a child becomes a teenager there is a chance that their friends, friends parents may know what that person does for work. I think back to my childhood/teen years and I barely remember what my friends parents did for work. I DID NOT CARE! LOL I was being a kid or a teenager with no thoughts of adult worries. I had food, I had clothes, I had friends, I had a roof over my head at all points in my life. For that I'm lucky, for that I'm blessed. I do not think either of my parents career paths impacted me THE LEAST BIT.

Now maybe later in life a child may come into adulthood and understanding of what their parents do and what type of job they hold and how society plays an impact on all of this. Hopefully at this time they will be smart, capable and able to decipher right from wrong, nice from mean and be able to live their lives accordingly to their own happiness and not what others project on them. Wether that has anything to do with their parents decisions or their own.

To think that a child's life would be ruined by their parents decision to use their assets (literally ASSets in some cases) is so far from the truth it makes me laugh every time. What ruins a childs life or child hood is lack of love, care, attention and general well being of humanity towards that person. So how about instead of judging people who's career you may not agree with, you act kindly and compassionatly and be an EXAMPLE for children to follow. An example to others to be a good human. 

So next time someone says something so stupid "what will their kids think" do you think Kim K came home and showed her little child mommys new magazine cover? LOL no she bought her kid a toy that day, had it delivered by a drone, than they played outside in the nice LA weather and the child smiled and that was probably it.

End of story.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cam Girl Tip Tuesday

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Tuesday I'm going to give cam/adult models tips I've learned over the years. I can't give it all away but I can share a little bit *wink

Is horrible for your own self esteem and your business.
Everyone has a bad day BUT to tote about it on twitter on the daily is going to lose you credibility. Contrary to popular belief on social media, you!
There are many days and many instances in my life that I would love to have a social media breakdown. Or even here on my blog. I even go so far as to type entire blogs out that I than delete because I realize that is not who I want to be. Being positive in the face of adversity will help you climb out of whatever hole you are in much faster than being negative. This is something I work on and evolve even for myself. BE POSITIVE. Not every day is going to be a good day, personally, publicly or on cam. Realize that is the time, hour, day or maybe a week or month that you need to regroup inside your mind and protect your mental health.

Remember why people come to see you online. They want a break from their own day or their own reality for a little while. YOU are the entertainment they choose to follow, support and spend maybe their hard earned fun money on. If you are not being fun, that fun money probably won't come your way long. Maybe at first in a way of pity but in the long run people will find someone else who has a smile, a positive message and a good attitude to latch onto. Positivity ATTRACTS people, ideas and general awesomeness.

So get out there, be positive, take days off when you need and always think "Do I need to post that my BMW has a scratch wah wah wah?!" when I could leave that out and say "LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!" and your followers will smile as you both had a positive impact on each others days. yay! *highs fives you all*

Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Vikki Fact Friday 2

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Fact 2. Abrupt loud noises or awful smells instantly make me frown...zzzz quiet please.

Thursday, November 6, 2014


  1. do you like the taste of cum?
  2. what’s your favorite fetish to film just now?
  3. would you do a cum play custom clip, where you teach and instruct us on how to play with our cum in our mouths and fingers
  4. dominate or be dominated?

    ANSWER 1. I enjoy playing out this type of fetish in live shows an recorded videos yes. #CEI

    ANSWER 2. Probably not.

    ANSWER 3. I'm not into cum in my mouth which probably answers question 7-I'm very dominate. I've only tasted cum a handful of times in my life-it's not my thing. I would not be good at gonzo or hard core porn-this is why I'm not in b/g porn. I would probably do femdom type of porn-no sex though.

    ANSWER 4. I really enjoy a lot of fetishes but I would have to say that I really like cum eating instruction, forced bi, orgasm denial and jerk off instruction. To name a few...

    ANSWER 5. yes

    ANSWER 6. I do not usually play video games, maybe a few times a year and it would be mario cart or mario world. Not into TV or fast motion visuals for long periods of time.

    ANSWER 7.  I'm not submissive at all. I do some role play erotica like that once in a blue moon-I'm fine with that. As for doing a real session of being a submissive I never have and probably never will. I'm very dominate-always have been. I have to be in control in some way or I'm not interested or turned on.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Q: billybaroo49 @billybaroo49 22h22 hours ago
clarification question: my mom is so ocd, she has to cut her sandwich in half, but it must also be diagonal - you, too?

A: I just like it in half, I will eat it diagonal but if I cut the sandwich myself it is just down the middle.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cam Girl Tip Tuesday

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Tuesday I'm going to give cam/adult models tips I've learned over the years. I can't give it all away but I can share a little bit *wink

Tip #1. Keep your cam space clean. It can look like a tornado or earthquake happened anywhere that is not in view of your cam screen. It is important to keep the focus on YOU. Not on that pile of dirty clothes in the corner, the toy blocks from junior or the fact you just plain forgot to wash your floors for 3 months. Your space needs to speak for you, calm, zen, clean. Ready to give all your attention to your customers. If you have to, throw or shove everything that is not fitting into the environment you want to create into a basket and set it outside the door/in a closet etc. Below is one of my favorite photos of all time. I will admit I've been guilty of this before. When one owns and juggles two businesses from home things can get a little hairy. But at least no one is seeing hair on my floors *wink
Search "cam girl tip tuesday" on my blog to find more tips, tricks and funny blog postings! XO

When making "requests"

Requests for more of this video or more of that video etc they are nice and I like to know you want to see more of this or that. BUT I can only make so many videos a day/week/month/year and if you want something specific it is best to PAY for a #customvideo so that it guarantees you will be seeing something new in the genre you are desiring. You can find #customvideo information here: Custom videos are an affordable way to get something unique-My prices are lower than a lot of girls who have been around less time than I. If it's not something you think you can afford-think again. Save a few bucks a day/week don't buy lunch out to eat etc stash the money and than come get your sexual femdom or erotic urge satisfied. Then you will always have something you REALLY like to watch whenever you want. Now that's a deal... *smirks
At the very least a tribute sent with a note of "I love your "homewrecker" videos I would love to see a new one soon-is much more convincing then a plethora of email requests that I just end up deleting.

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Jerk Off Instruction Week 12...

By now maybe you have caught onto this jerk off instructions series. No one said anything about cumming. Feel lucky I even allow you to touch yourself for Me.I tend to change My mind a lot, who knows maybe...

Look at Me. I'm so unbelievably gorgeous. you just want to take your cock out right now and stroke it don't you? Wouldn't that feel so good. Hahaha. It would wouldn't it. you want to do it, tell Me how bad. haha. Of course you do. Nothing is better then Me being in control of your cock, and you, you are so far gone. so out of control for Me. you need more and more. and you are just waiting for that moment I'm going to let you cum. Well let Me tell you a little secret...that is going to be awhile. HAHA. or...maybe not. It could be today...haha, Oh my. It could be today are you thinking about that? your balls are filling up without even stroking thinking today is going to be the day I let you cum. Well...ITS NOT. so take that cock out, look at it and tell your cock who is boss. ME. tell your cock who owns it. ME. I'm in control.

Includes but not limited too: Jerk Off Instruction, Bratty, Sensual, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Tease and Denial, Leather, Female Domination, Femdom, Femdom POV, JOI Series and more

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  1. Some Questions :D 1. What is the largest painting You ever did? 2. How many Lego-Sets do You own? :P
  2. 3. What really drives You crazy?
    ANSWER 1. I've done quite a few paintings that are 60 inches tall and 72 inches wide. That is probably the biggest. I look forward to someday doing something even larger-large work is usually commissioned by people who see my art, love it and want it to fill a very large space. I do not usually just decide to paint something so big as then I have to store it.

    ANSWER 2. I actually have no idea how many sets I own (laughs) I would say around 50-75? Quite a lot. I love legos-I don't think they will ever become unpopular either. So many cartoons, comics and movies have been made into Legos as well. Star Wars, Batman etc. It's a lot of fun to play with toys like Legos! Always something new to create.

    ANSWER 3. I do not like abrupt loud noises/sounds. Or random horrible smells. (laughs) I'm a sensitive person.

    PS: you can find more questions and answers by searching "Q/A" in the search bar on my blog!


Q. MissMirand'sPet@MayorofMilperra Nov 1
Miss Vikki I'm having trouble getting my wife to commit to any long term F/m domiantion/lifestyle, any tips?

A: Is your wife into being dominate? or more submissive? A switch? It's important to know each partners likes and dislikes or things they are at least willing to try. A lot of women are probably very uneducated into the world of BDSM just for mere fact of no one ever bringing it into play in their life sexually or casually-or maybe only read the famed "50 shades of grey" books. I know I was at one point as well-there is so much to learn. I think a lot of what is portrayed in the D/s life style can be really daunting or scary to a new comer. So starting with the basics with a book (quite a few on Amazon-this one here is great: can be helpful. If you and your wife are in a relationship where you can talk frankly and freely and she is not shy about sex or what both your desires are then this will be easier. Some couples have a harder time expressing new kinks for fear of a negative connotation.
I would encourage some reading about the subject-for both of you! Then talking about a type of "scene" you both would be comfortable playing out. Set aside a night of no stress, a nice dinner and time to play out a session you both have agreed upon. It could be a lot more fun than either of you realize OR at the very least you can find out that it was not for you and try something else next time. Keep expectations low and be able to respond to your partners needs. If both people are not satisfied with the situation because of forced expectations or high hopes there will be less of a chance of it happening again.
Good luck-keep an open mind. *wink

PS: I also wrote a blog similar to this question that may be helpful: 'The misconceptions of domination and my own personal reflections:

PPS: you can find more questions and answers by searching "Q/A" in the search bar on my blog!

Q/A !

Nov 1
What do you think you like most about being a professional adult entertainer Miss Vikki? :)

A:  There are so many things I like about my career but a few that come to mind first are as follows. The freedom to choose my schedule is nice, I'm my own boss so I get to decide what gets done when. At the same time one has to be good at juggling your own schedules and deadlines-no one else is going to get anything done but myself! 
I also love being able to speak with and meet so many different people around the world. Being in the world of fetish and erotica it is always evolving. To be at the forefront of experiencing and bringing to life peoples fantasies really is a lot of fun. I meet people I never would if it were not for my career in the adult industry.
I also get to wear lots of fun clothing, clothing I would probably never own or dream of trying on if I did not work in the adult industry. I'm gifted so many pretty dresses, lingerie and every day clothing. I love that my friends help grow my closet-this also lets me know what everyone else really likes too!

PS: you can find more questions and answers by searching "Q/A" in the search bar on my blog!