Friday, October 31, 2014

Vikki Fact Fridays.

Welcome to a new series on my blog! Every Friday I'm going to give you a little fact about myself. All about ME ME ME! Muahahaha. If you ever want to date or serve me you better remember every single one! *evil grin

Fact 1. I like all my sandwiches cut in half. It weirds me out to bite into a sandwich that is not in half. (Don't worry I'm laughing too)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wishlist Thank You's!

WOW! I've still yet to try some more things on! Look back here for edits soon, just need to post it because SO MUCH SEXY TIME! ;)
Thank you to Ken, Mat, Timis, Martin and everyone else! Sometimes gifts do not come with notes so I'm unsure who sent it, but I'm grateful none the less. Have a wonderful Thursday! XO

Red Devil ;)

Thanks to @blipsub for these great additions to my wardrobe!

#pantyhose #nylons

Thank you Cody for purchasing these nylons from me. They have made many appearances in a lot of my clips4sale videos! A special pair of nylons indeed. These will be on their way to you...after I'm done with them *wink
Read here on my blog about how to obtain your own custom video or custom clothing from yours truly!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a small hello !

hi *waves
I'm finally feeling okay, much better than the past two weeks. recovering from the mystery illness (no not ebola-yikes!)
Being sick meant lots of sleeping. I generally like that idea, but not when it means I get behind on my enormous expectations of myself. Body, meet Mind...can you two communicate better? Thankkkks. I've caught up on most custom videos, working on que'ing videos for November AND December. In reality I'm probably "ahead" but not as much as I had planned. Oh hey silly how that happens, you plan life and it does NOT go that way. Another dose of reality.

I've got quite the grouping of lovely gifts from so many of you and I promise photos are coming so just hold onto your britches because soon you won't need them. Hooray! It's all on the docket to catch up on. I did not forget about you. (awh feeling good now eh?) good. good boys. *smiles

I might take some time off from custom videos before the year ends, but not sure, it depends on some things. SO this is me being mysterious and this is your time to decide if you want one before I take a break. HERE:

I wish the break included me topless on a beach, if somehow you want to send me on vacation instead of yourself please I won't be upset. No really, no tears.
In actuality I have no desire to get on an airplane anytime soon so I'm not sure how I would get to a topless beach and winter is quickly approaching. Winter...what...where was summer even? What a bitter thought, summer. Fall has been quite beautiful though but no bikinis in sight. Another collective sigh. I know you all love bikinis as much as I do, right?

I'm waiting on a 30 minute video to upload...30 MINUTES! that is long for me. It's the ending finale for the jerk off instruction series. It's a lot of stop and go and mind fuckery. Something you all will enjoy I'm sure. Don't act coy now! Everyone loves when a woman changes her mind...

Art business is going well, I plan to put those shops on vacation sometime soon if I can get caught up on orders there as well. A break, without being sick, would be fabulous! Working from home my surroundings directly impact how I feel and how I get work done so a few days to organize some things in the house, such as the enormous amount of costumes, lingerie and awesome dresses I have received would do wonders. It is easy to get distracted when I see dishes in the sink, papers that need filed and a mountain of laundry...Oh and my bed is so distracting *wink

I hope to be live on cam at least once this week, I had high hopes of being on today but it was very rainy all day and then when I returned home from lunch with a friend it was finally sunny but not enough time to really have a extended time spent online. I dislike logging in and having to leave half hour later. Feels like I'm just getting started. I've been so busy with custom videos and managing three different clips studios that live camming/skype has taken a backseat. This is okay because the other things are going really well and it's all working out. I know many have expressed wanting to see me live for a personal show and I'm doing my best to work that in. I thank you for your interests and I'm juggling that into the schedule if I can this week. (It'll be Thursday/Friday during the day) It's not that I don't want too, it's I'm sure as you know-I've only so many uninterrupted hours in a day for work.

Thank you for putting my new erotica video at #1 in virtual sex! You can find it here if you have not seen it: Did You Miss Me Daddy? *virtual sex* and here is the photo. yum!
Alright, this is turning into not so small a blog...oops. well that is me and my rambling bunny trail mind. I guess I better go feed myself and do some laundry. Thank you for stopping by and as always thank you for coming along on this journey with me! XO MV

Sunday, October 26, 2014

NEW! Erotica

"Let me talk dirty to you and tell you how bad I need you to jerk it for me. Watch as I jiggle my tits and tease you with my curvy body. Asking for that cock in my mouth, how great it would be to taste that cum. I want to be your good little slut, make you rock hard, make you cum for me. I know these big jugs turn you on, I know me being your good little bitch gets you going."

Includes: Jerk Off Instruction, Big Tits and names like: tits, boobs, jugs, knockers, Dirty Talk like: cumming on face, swallowing a cumshot, words like slut, bitch, whore, cocksucker etc, Sensual, Seductive, Repeated reveal of breasts until full nude strip tease, topless, nude

Friday, October 17, 2014

Did you miss me?

A new virtual sex, daddy's girl role play is available in my erotic adventures clips4sale store: This has been much requested to see more of my erotic side, well, more often. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The misconceptions of Domination and my personal reflections...

Since starting my personal journey into the fetish and female domination world this past January, I have learned so much and feel like a light has been lit in a tunnel for me. One of those ahah! moments where I discovered something new about myself, something new that I've had with me since birth but had yet to come to fruition. My then 26 year old self felt a hint of glee and inspiration, a flame that has not gone out.

I've never been too shocked about peoples fetishes, I suppose because since I have been in the adult industry in some way since 2008 I've heard and seen so many different things over that time period (since age 20) that finally finding "fetish" was more of an OH this is what it's called more than a "uh what?" haha moment.

Though I know many are not like me and do not have the experiences I have via the online world of web camming and video creation (especially customs) for so long. Explaining Domination and submission to someone can result in the deer in head light moment that just keeps on going. It's like you shoved too much food in your friends mouth and they want more but can't say so. Least that is how I look at it *snickers.

I would have never thought that so soon I could be in the position to teach others about my knowledge in just under a years time. But I think I find myself different than others (I did not say better I said different-though if I want to toot my own horn I will! TOOT TOOT!) That I sincerely enjoy this new found world of mine and I do anything I can to make sure that every week, sometimes daily, I'm learning something new that only makes me better at being a Dom and thirsty for more information and experiences.

Over the course of this time Brooke and I introduced our clips4sale store and it evolved into being almost purely fetish based which peeked her interest. I've enjoyed helping and explaining things to her and seeing her interest organically grow and find the world of fetish so fun and inviting. So much so she is opening her own solo feteish/femdom store and I just know she will be really great and successful at it. Fly birdie fly!

Recently I've also introduced my girl friend Natalie into my new world and was she ever interested and eager to learn more. Which is nice-and oh so much fun. Especially when we created our Lesbian Domination 1 video. I would say it was a true "session" that we both enjoyed. If you have seen the video than you can surely attest to that. The smile and twinkle in my eye is pure dominating pleasure.

I think so many people think of Domination and submission as this horrifying sexual act/pro longed actions that takes place where the submissive has no control over what is going on and is "used". When this is so far from the truth. That pain is not an option but required. That being submissive is weak.
While in the brutal truth, being submissive takes a lot of strength. When someone decides to be submissive to another, their Dom they are trusting them to give to them what they need while giving to their Dom what that person needs. Pain need not be any part of a session and there are rules set before most sessions so that both people know limits, safe words etc.

Domination and submission is like a dive into deep waters that even though you are not sure if you can breathe underwater you should try and swim far as you can anyways. It is about pushing yourself to the point that you are not sure if you can take anymore, relaxing and letting someone else take control. The true submissive mind state is one that is thinking of nothing else but how to listen, react and act to their leaders commands.

Whether this is an online session or in person, the same rules apply. At any point one can deem that enough is enough and to scale back or to end the session. Losing control while being submissive does not mean you've lost total control of the situation. Trust, communication and honesty is important to a good D/s relationship.

Which, going back to Natalie and I's D/s orgasm denial video we made-I've known Natalie for over 15 years. She trusts me to not do more than she can handle and I trust myself to bring her new experiences that will open her eyes and only make her want more. A D/s relationship is equal ownership of each persons sexual needs and desires.

Submission is power to understand your own needs, to act on them with responsibility and utilize it to your best ability. It is a strength to be a submissive and to serve another, while giving to them what they request you are giving to yourself mentally and physically what you crave. Whatever those boundaries are that are marked out between the two people. Pain is pleasure for some, others do not want any pain. Some like humiliation others only want to be sensually dominated. Every fetish triggers a different release in someone. Fulfilling a need. Humans are a very sexual species and we are always evolving into using that for ultimate pleasure.

I think people think of a female dom and think of whips, chains and cruelty a woman with no heart except to damage. Far from the truth. A lot of negative Nancy's like to say "so and so is not a dom because she does this or that". Which is laughable in so many ways. Variety and uniqueness is the spice of life. I like to think I've carved out a spot for myself being truly who I'm. A true GOOD Dom, cares about her subs mental and physical beyond a session. Once again, there can be many different varieties of care and boundaries laid out in relationships. Some are an exchange of money for an experience while others are behind closed door relationships. I give back to this world we live in, in many ways, as much as I mentally, monetarily and physically can. At the end of the day I would rather be well versed and well rounded than stuck on one end of a spectrum or another. But knowing myself leads to living a better life, a richer inner life. As there is so much more to life then what we see with our eyes.

Domination has always been a part of me. I was very asexual as a teen though and really had no interest in sex, boyfriends or anything. I think I was still playing with barbies at age 14. But I can think back to the few instances while under 18 that now it makes sense that being in control, seduction has always been something that I craved and needed. I had a boy friend for almost a year that I never even kissed (maybe once?) I think age 15-16? and one time I lit candles while his father went to the grocery store, hiked up my jean skirt and then seduced him...until his father came downstairs and caught us. (laughs) I don't even think the seduction included kissing. This attests to my true nature, I'm all about the tease, the seduction and denial. And if you can handle that, there is a reward at the end. I always say...the journey is just as important as the destination. (if not more so)

I left so many relationships because what I was seeking was something that was still unknown to myself. I think if I had known what I do now life could possibly have played out in a very different way.

I also remember boy friends I had that I would say I broke quite a few hearts in a row and became quite hardened to the fact that boys (as I wouldn't call any of them men at that age of my interests) quite bored me at that age. I always attest to liking older men and it isn't a D/s thing it's more of a maturity and ability to handle ME type of thing. If I can not be in control of a relationship or situation I have no interest and will just walk away. Figuratively or emotionally. A real man can hold my interest...because I'm easily distracted in so many ways. And not a whore dog on side of street trying to hump a light pole type of distracted either. I've  never been the type to slut around though I've had my adventures at times. I guess when you make men cry and feel no remorse you know what type of person you are. (once again if you understand Domination and submission in any way you know that I did not mean that maliciously) Or did I? muahaha. Kidding.

So when you watch my life unfold here and my journey into new things, I would like to think you are doing it without judgement or maybe a gentle curiosity into your own sexual psychology.

Enjoy. The pleasures of life are part of our acute happiness. Experience that safely and appropriately. You never know what you may discover about your own self. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mat Thank you!

For this awesome gorgeous birthday present. I feel I could rule the world in it! ;)

Teacher Teacher...

Yesterday a good girl friend of mine came up to my studio and we had a lot of fun. This is the first time my girl friend, Natalie, came up to learn about fetish and female domination. I consider myself pretty well versed in in domination (for only exploring it for about 10 months now) but no where near an expert. But my view was changed when I realized how much knowledge I was able to give her and how much most people do not know about the fetish world. It was comical to even just tell her that...guys eat their cum.

I almost wish I had been recording it. All well...maybe next time I can shock her with some other ideals that she has no idea about.

The entire day was spent as a role of a teacher, informing, educating and encouraging her to bring out the inner dom, or sub in herself. She is definitely a switch. Though her favorite role was being submissive for me in our "lesbian domination 1' video we made at the very end. It is very apparent she was comfortable with this and was very responding to my requests and prompts. This video is more of a fly on the wall look into an actual D/s session. Something that looks like it would be straight out of a movie or book. Ending with a passionate kiss. This is not something you want to miss. This is something I've been wanting to create and experience mentally and physically and Natalie really is the perfect sub for the situation.

Natalie and I have known each other over 15 years and being that we are both 27, that is a good part of our lives. This brings a comfort around each other that strangers would not have, patience and understanding. Yes, Natalie and I have been "involved" in many ways before and it has never felt awkward or weird. It's very natural. Which is why I was very excited when she expressed interest in recording clips with me, as I know they would come out well. She is very outgoing and willing to learn anything I have to teach her. She hopes to *maybe* eventually open her own clip store down the road when she feels comfortable to branch out on her own.

Awh, look at that, I'm creating prodigies! ;)
She called me a "true professional" at the end of the day and that was a sincere compliment. She also expressed to me that it was truly a lot of work to create, to evolve story lines, say the right things at the right time, choose the perfect outfit and get the lighting right. I think she has a new found respect for the creation of erotica and how much mental and physical stamina comes into play.

We ended the day sitting outside in comfy clothes in the fall air, warm sun and light breeze, sat by my pool drank wine and ate some cheese. Not a bad way to (try) and wind down after an entire day of hard work. I was so exhausted from the days festivities that I feel asleep at 8:30 that evening-thankfully I awoke feeling pretty good and hope that today I can catch up on some solo activities. Natalie and I created 10 very different clips videos that will be released every other week with her. Tomorrow at 1am you can have the pleasure of purchasing "Lesbian Domination 1". It is 10 minutes long and full of perfect D/s interaction. I will leave you salivating, go here tomorrow and be satisfied:

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thank you S.

Stephan, thank you for one of the hottest dresses ever for my birthday! I love it, you are so kind. XO

Gifts. Thank yous.

Calvin, Chad, Martin, Ryan and Blipsub...Thank you SO much!
Find My Wishlist here: #sfw

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Most Idiotic Comment Awards 1

ChatRoom Guy: Will you use toys and fuck yourself? BTW I'm in a hurry and have 2 minutes.


Me: I do not use toys or masturbate online it is not my thing.

ChatRoom Guy: WTF you are SO lazy

*headdesk through the desk

Me: Um...I'm lazy because I won't fake fuck myself or moan and pretend I like 2 minutes of plastic shoved in me for your pleasure?
Oh...yea. By the way I do shows and create clips based on story lines, sequels and fetish ideals that I research and read books about. But I'm lazy...Because I won't lay there and do what you want.