Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thank you #fanart

Big thanks to H.R. for making this #fanart for Me! I love when My lovers do this! Shows you are thinking of Me and making something cool for Me to show off! :-*

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Ain't no denying this WHOOTY in these painted on shorts...Shorts...hmm. Panties? Short panties? Panties like shorts? I'm not sure...but I'm sure I like them! Thank you again Martin! :-* :-*

George :D

SO very excited about these outfits and the ones still coming! you are AWESOME! (*sings* EVERYTHING IS AWESSSOMMMMEEEEE) *laughs* Thank you SO much again! <3333


Thank you George! I can't believe even more costumes are coming! I"M SO FREAKING EXCITED!


Martin! Starbucks and a huge body pillow?! I think those two things are meant to be. Hope you know how thankful I'm! :-* :-* More photos coming of me and the body pillow SOON! Just for you! ;)


Thank you Tim for the GIANT inflatable doughnut... I really can't wait for a hot day to take it out! Will snap some photos then and send them to your email. *wink

Saturday, July 26, 2014

What a journey!

I'm still wrapping My head around the last few months. Preparing My (previous) home for sale, searching in-between for another, finding one, putting in an offer, (which happened twice as one home I walked away from because of well issues) home inspections, someone offering on My (previous) home, more inspections, and finally closing on both homes. Such chaos and emotions certainly ran high during this time. I loved My previous home and I did a lot of updates to it, with the help of so many generous people here as well, but in the end longevity wise it did not fit My life goals.

It's been about two weeks and I'm finally feeling a *tiny* bit organized and getting some new paint colors on the walls. The previous paint colors were very dark and dungeon like and made the house feel small. I'm repainting in whites and blues. Nice and fresh. Inviting.

I had to purchase a new stove and refrigerator as well. Then come to find out the dishwasher was no longer working...I'm still debating on replacing that *sigh*. I did find good deals on the appliances I purchased but after spending a few grand and I kind of like washing dishes anyways I might just replaced it with some more shelving.

Anyways. Appliances. Boring right? But they do make life easier. 

I've had lots of wonderful generous people asking for Me to start a wishlist so I did finally do that. You can find that new tab here:

Some things are for Myself others are for charity. I also donate 10% of every purchase to charity Myself in the form of a monetary donation or by purchasing supplies a facility may need. I always like to give back anyways I can.

Today I was with My #twin Brooke and We recorded some great clips for Our fetish store and some new genres that We have not done before. (Vore!) Uploading a new one right now for tomorrow and it's HOT! Make sure to check it out here:

Well, it's been a long day-here is a photo Brooke and I took today and she posted on twitter. I'm going to finish uploading that video and probably shower or take a bath. Have a great Saturday night!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fan Question: Hellmanns or Miracle Whip?

Do you prefer Hellmann's mayonnaise or Miracle Whip?

LOL! I do not have a preference. As a teen I did as my parents only kept mayo in the house so when I went to my aunts I loved that she had miracle whip. :D *laughs 

Please Remember

I do not offer in person domination/fetish sessions at this time. I'm not against this idea but it currently does not fit in with My schedule. If and when this changes it will surely be announced.

Proximity to My location does not change this. Those who have been serving and have formulated a relationship with Me here will be the first to know about any in person opportunities to serve. I'm very much about knowing a persons kinks, fetishes and knowing that we mesh as a D/s relationship then half assing anything. I often bring up the phrase "mutual enjoyment." There is much more to it then "hey I like ass worship" okay "let Me sit on your face." Fetish and domination needs to be fulfilling for both parties involved in some manner. A ebb and flow of seduction, tease and suspense.

Fetish and domination is a part of My life style and is something I truly enjoy. For now expressing everything that comes along with that here, is what is best for Me. I'm always eager and learning more and more about My interests in fetish and domination and I know this journey will make Me the best I can be, experienced and passionate. For now this is the easiest, safest and best way to communicate and grow in the fetish field. I look forward to branching out as My comfort levels allow.

Thank you for your continued support, admiration, encouragement and everything you do to make this a mutually enjoyed experience.

Have a great Wednesday.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Messy Me 5...

There is something I do better, better then anyone else. Giving a nice messy blowjob. Nothing else compares to My mouth wrapped around your cock-that real man cock of yours-nice and big for Me. Just what I need to satisfy myself. Giving that nice big dick something it's never had before. My perfect Goddess mouth on it. Licking. Sucking. Making you feel so good.

Why don't you give it to Me...take it out...let Me have it in My mouth.

Includes but not limited too: Tease, Blowjobs, Licking, Sucking, Dirty Talk, Goddess Worship

You can find this new video HERE! 

Thankful. In so many ways.

There are all kinds of people in this world, one thing we have to remember is to surround ourselves with those who are thankful for us as human beings in knowing we are good people despite our mistakes, our job or personal life views. The beautiful thing about this world is our differences that make us unique...what is even more beautiful is finding acceptance in one another for this very thing.

Being in the adult industry so many people try to project shame on our career path and bring us down with their negative views on our life choices. There is nothing shameful about expressing ones sexuality whether they do it with one person or decide that it feels good (and profitable) to share it with the world. No one is being is actually quite the opposite. In our career path we have the ability to help people live out their fantasies in a safe environment. The internet, albeit just like the real world, can be dangerous BUT in all reality the ability for someone to explore a sexual interest online is really quite a surreal thing. A lot of people suppress their sexual urges or ideals. This can be unheatlhy and make them feel frustrated or depressed.

Finding someone who is willing to help, befriend and explore these kinks or eroticas and share so much of our personal selves as well in the process, really is a great thing to explore. (Lets always remember everything in moderation!) So many people won't agree with that statement or may think pornography is sinful. Lets be realistic here, every living thing reproduces in some way and we find it fascinating. Therefore sex is not taboo and if someone enjoys watching others peform it should not be judged. If you don't like it then don't watch.

Guess what...I really don't like video games. So if someone is playing them at my house I find something else to do in a different room and we leave each other alone while we enjoy our separate hobbies. This is healthy. What isn't healthy is shaming someone for their choices of what they like to do or the career path they chose-just because you don't agree with it or think they should have chosen differently. It is NOT YOUR LIFE TO LIVE! You should concentrate on your path and being the best person you can be. Because let me tell you, that is what I do every day. I strive to be the best person I can, (and I accept that in myself, I may not be as good as I was yesterday, but I'm doing my best today-in this moment-right now-with what I have) being the most positive I can and making sure others see the light in acceptance and a positive life style.

I have met with, talked too and known now many men and woman in the adult industry. It blows me away how kind, caring and giving they all are. The fundraisers, the free things given out for donations to charity, the ear we lend to those we barely know to listen too. It warms my heart to see this positivity being spread around by people who are in one of the most judged careers in the world. People in adult are good people, we are unique, we are nice, we are helpful, we are kind, we want everyone to know our sexually kinky natures expressed for the world to see are not harmful or dangerous. They are to be enjoyed by consenting adults, judging us only shows how poorly your character is.

If you wish to change the world you must first look in the mirror and make sure you are being the best you can be FIRST. Before allowing yourself to even think you can influence others in a positive manner. One big thing about working on you is also minding your own business. If you are so worried about other people and what they are doing you will fail to be a light in your life or anyone elses. You can not find peace when you are waging imaginary wars inside your head or with your family and friends.

The road to happiness and peace is different for everyone. I'm so thankful for my family, all my friends who have accepted me for who I'm regardless of the career path I have chosen. It may not be what they envisioned for me, but it is who I'm and they love me for that. They are open minded, they see me for the good person that I'm in my every day life. Because after 7 successful years of being in the adult business, I'm HAPPY. I'm POSITIVE and I will continue to share this feeling of abundance and acceptance with everyone.

Be happy, be positive, be healthy and most important be accepting of your fellow humans

Good boys get rewarded....

Any clips purchases over $100 now get a personal post on My twitter/blog with a photo. I appreciate My loyal fans, this is My way of saying thank you for being SO good to Me. *wink

Here are some photos from just this past week. Posted SPECIFICALLY for this reason only. You know that saying happy wife happy life? *wink

Do you even know yourself anymore? #mentaldomination #mesmerize

The 5th installment in My 'Lost Under My Spell" series.

"Do you even know yourself anymore? Without listening to the sound of My voice...and what I want. Do you even know what to do with yourself without hearing Me talk, being seduced by Me, watching Me. Watching My every move, being mesmerized by Me. Looking into My don't you who you are anymore. Well let Me tell you. you are ALL mine. SO lost. So lost inside your head for Me. My sensual seduction."

Includes but not limited too: mental domination , mesmerizing, female domination, sensual domination, sensual soothing talking, tease and denial

Find this video here:

May be safe for work...I'm not sure... *hehehe*

Friday, July 18, 2014

There is a god...

and he is in the form of having internet back...BIGGEST smile on My face ever. FINALLY WORKING! Yesssssss. Back to reality for Me now! Everyone who has ordered custom videos should see them very soon.
Thank you for being good boys and being patient :)

Monday, July 14, 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Friday, July 11, 2014

Introduction to Femdom and Fetish 4-Stroke For Dinner

you have been such a good listener. Following along and learning how to be more submissive to Me, how good it feels to listen to Me...well today, I want you to stroke for your dinner. I know it will feel so great to recycle for Me...As always, I can seduce you to do anything for Me.

Includes but not limited too: Femdom, Fetish, Female Domination, Sensual Domination, Seduction, Jerk Off Instruction, Cum Eating Encouragement, CEI, Tease and Denial

Find this new video in #femdom here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I'm packing a truck to move. Lots of heavy lifting...Hey isn't there a "lifting" category on clips4sale? *hehehe*

Can you handle it...

Orgasmic Edging with Twins

you will only jerk it when we say so. and sometimes Brooke and I just can't seem to agree-so you better listen carefully. will you be allowed to cum today....Come find out. *wink

Includes but not limited too: Jerk Off Instruction, Edging, Tease and Denial, Red Light Green Light Games, Twins, Sisters, Fetish, Female Domination, Femdom POV

I'm not in porn...Oh wait...Am I?

This seems to be a debatable topic, always up for discussion and versitile opinions.

I do not think I'm in or do porn, but I'm in the adult entertainment industry. I web cam and make pre-recorded videos for My clips stores. (I'm also an artist with contracts in stores.) Porn to Me is mainstream boy/girl, girl/girl, boy/boy, transgender etc sex scenes and the like.
At this time I only work for Myself (from many different avenues) and with My twin Brooke for videos in Our fetish clips4sale on demand video store.

I seem to have come across quite a few followers who think I do boy/girl porn... I'm confused as I have never tweeted anything remotely close to the idea or action of doing so. I like porn, I watch it occasionally, I support My favorite porn stars by buying their DVD's etc. I think very highly of women, men, trans in porn who have made a name for themselves, are grounded and well rounded in interests. In this society of social networking it has give us the infinite possibilities of showing so many aspects of ourselves. I think this is great, especially for adult entertainers in whatever genre they do. It shows how human we really all are. As so many try to judge and put us adult workers in a box of despair, drugs and dead ends.
This is so far from the truth. Any job can have those attributes. It takes a strong person to not let those type of things interfere with their actual work, to focus on themselves and their success and passion for the business.

I will take My adult entertainment job, freedom to express My sexuality and time to better Myself and others over wanting to slit My wrists at McDonald's or some other mindless job. Thankful to live in America where I have these choices.

So if you think I'm in porn that's great, I'm not offended or going to argue about it with you, because quite possibly I'm in entertainment. Whatever you want to call it, I love making it for you to enjoy. *wink

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Personal PVT Shows on Skype !

Click this link below to read more about obtaining a pvt one on one uninterrupted show with Me: SKYPE SKYPE SKYPE

Closing day!

Buying My new smaller less expensive home today! 
Suck My dick you large mortgage! See you never again!

33 minutes of dirty talk... Oh My! *new video*

Dirty Talk Pussy Control:

Do you want this little pussy in your face? Watch as I sway back and forth. My sensual seductive voice saying so many naughty things. How does that make your cock feel?

Lots of touching and rubbing My tight little pussy through My tiny plaid thong. Taking My nice big tits out, playing. Doing just what I do best...driving you crazy.

Yes this is 33 minutes long. 33 minutes of dirty talk, stripping and touching Myself.

You can find this video HERE:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Why don't you post nude photos? bb... bb...where are you.

I get asked this by randoms a lot.
I've honestly never posted a full nude photograph of Myself online ever on any of My social networks or websites. Only nude photos have been sold in My images on C4S maybe and during the infamous "30 days of vixen Vikki" I use to offer monthly.
In over 7 years. I don't think I will be changing this either. There are a few reasons I don't. Number one being I don't want too. I don't feel it is necessary. I truly am into seduction and being sensual and I feel giving it all away in a full frontal nude photograph would really detour from interest in Myself and how I feel about My business.
Number two being a lot of social networks do not support or condone nudity. If I do not post nudes I do not have to worry about being flagged for nudes.
Number 3 being children and teens can browse social media freely and I don't feel like encouraging them to look at My nudes. I'm quite modest outside of My adult work, though I do run an adult style twitter I try to keep it PG so you can browse it freely. Though some peoples feelings of what is safe for work or not may differ... A side of bra clad boobs with your morning coffee at your desk *may* be okay with your boss. *wink

To end this little blog, let Me reassure you, I have no problem with nudity and am not prude or shy (laughs) like some of you try to say. The last thing I'm is either of those when I share a majority of My life here with everyone and anyone. I just have a time and a place I feel is right for nudity for Myself. So far, it's worked quite well.

So bb, I'm right here, but My nudes are not.
If wanting to see more of My unclad self, My vanilla tease and fantasy store has quite a few options: and I don't think it is safe for work. Shhh. I won't tell if you won't...
but your hard cock might tell on you. *giggles

Let Us Jerk It Daddy-Twin Babysistters 4

The 4th and probably HOTTEST installment in our #twinbabysitters #daddy fetish clips!

Hi Daddy, we loved it last time so much when you had that cock out for Us. We want to ask you to do it again. We couldn't stop talking about how hot it was to watch you stroke that cock just for Us! So impressed we are...those college boys thinking they have game...they have NOTHING on you. We just love that older man thing. And we know how much you love young beautiful innocent girls...

Our you keeping our little secret Daddy?

Includes but not limited too: Jerk Off Instruction, Dildo, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Femdom, Tease and Denial, Daddy Role Play, Daddy's Girl, Twins, Fantasies, Older Man Younger Woman

Find it HERE: Let Us Jerk It Daddy-Twin Babysitters 4 via @clips4sale

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Thursday, July 3, 2014


Hello My ever loving people out there in the vast yonder...

Things are speeding up in My area of the world as I gear up for a big move next week. This is a big move in SO many ways... I have been leaning toward a simpler lifestyle (not van down by the river simpler no...I don't care for vans-unless a VW bus maybe and rivers and automobiles don't seem to mesh)

Anyways...trailing already. Bunny trail mind...Blame the artist in Me.

I want to live life not thinking I have $7,000 in taxes to pay on My house this year and how it is going to take Me an entire day to clean just My upstairs-not even to mention the downstairs. Well some of you think, being a Goddess like yourself hire a maid? Well sure that sounds fancy, BUT I'm a DIY type of gal and I don't want MissSuzyQ up in My business here. I'm a quiet person and tend to keep to Myself for the most part. (less drama that way) Plus I tend to think I want things done My way and don't want to go and double check if someone has completed a task to My standards. (got enough going on with My minions in that area of things *hehe*)

So I'm selling My large beautiful one of a kind home to some nice buyers from California. I'm downsizing a bit into a smaller home BUT more usable land and a pool. I'm SO excited to look into My backyard into NOTHING. Not to mention a pool of My own...Oh the video possibilities now are endless in My mind already. (yours too? *smirks) The people who do live around Me are retired/don't live in that house/only live there 6 months out of the year. Things will be very quiet. My taxes for the home will be 1/3rd what they are now. Not to mention commute times to where I need to be less as well. Smaller house smaller bills. More time to explore life and have some adventures. I have been wanting to do some traveling here in the next few years and shoot fetish and erotica with some other models. More free time will allow for Me to plan this. Yay!

I also would love a big garden and will have ample space and more time to try and have a green thumb. I will admit I have never had much luck (as much as I would like) with plants before but *laughing* I hope having more free time will allow Me to focus on My flora and fauna friends. Hopefully we will get along better then before. I've experimented growing in a few different climates now with how nomadic I have been in the past five years of life so I do have knowledge, read books, talked with other farmers/gardeners and confident that I can now be able to wrap My head around some self sufficiency in the form of planting food.

I did debate some chickens (yessss I'm a little different then your average 26 year old adult model) but alas I had to re home My family black lab last month. Was a hard decision but was what was best for everyone involved. He now has a great home with a single female no kids and gets every ounce of attention, as well as the fact that the lovely lady works from home. Great situation. Took Me some time to find someone I felt was perfect for him, but it happened and everything is going much smoother now. So for now, keeping the property without animals is in My best interest.

I will yes still continue to web cam, though the month of July is going to be very thin in the area of Me appearing live online. I have made sure My clip stores are que for updates every other day in My fetish store and on Fridays so far in My vanilla erotica store. I may squeeze some other clips in in between those times but we shall see what happens. I think the twin clips with Brooke may take a small back seat for the next few weeks until things settle again.

I can't wait to show of My new art studio...It is full of sky lights and large windows looking into a field. I'm SO excited. It is quite dreamy and perfect.I have purchased some mid century modern furniture I found thrifting and will be buying this:

you can send an Etsy gift card to help Me out if you want *wink. I won't mind. Etsy Gift Card Link to email:

If you do so you will be the first to see My new studio when it is all set up. *smiles*

Tomorrow I do believe I'm going to My parents house to help them clean up their yard from some derrecho (sp?) winds that came through this past week. Thankfully since I weigh 100lbs fully clothed I was not outside to pretend that I was heading to Oz...I practically live in a forest now and feel SO lucky that no trees came down especially when the buyers and I close next week. So no big plans for the 4th of July. I don't like lots of people in one place anyways, social anxiety kicks in then and I feel like I need to crawl in a den with a blanket and come out 10 hours later. (laughs...kind of :O ) I prefer intimate gatherings of 0-0 people. JUST KIDDING. HA. I prefer to be around people I'm close with though I can handle meeting new people I'm not a dolt. I just prefer people I can have smart authentic conversations with.

Anyways...I do have some office organization to do since the move is coming up so fast now. Saying good bye to keeping up the the Jonses and hello to tractors and fields of tilled farms. I'm sighing an internal sound of relief as I type this...So happy to be moving life into an area of being about fulfilling experiences and not politics or money. I like working and making money, I do, I'm all about My careers. But I'm just happy that I won't be mentally stressed about fiances and can just be.

So be with Me. smile. relish. be good.