Friday, June 27, 2014

Let Us instruct you properly... sensually. seductively.

Twins. Two perfect Goddesses here to teach and inform you of exactly how you are to act underneath our reign. Head on over to our C4S store and really get to know Us better:

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Do you want too...

Eat your cum for Us?

Look into Our erotic sensual mouths?

Let the twin babysitters REALLY take over? 

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which probably is not safe for work unless you show your boss and he is uncontrollably overtaken by our superiority as well. Then he or she won't mind...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Erotica... Perfection.

Is My specialty... Teasing. Being that seductive sensual creature you crave to know and see more and more of. Head on over to My C4S fantasy videos here:

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I can't keep up...

With all the HOT FUCKING CONTENT I've been producing. Go fill your clip carts and make ME smile with those orders and the fact I know you will be serving and worshiping Me properly. Learning to be a good boy for Me. All My instruction...all the time. So sensual and seductive. Dominating you in just the right way. Just what you need. C4S:

Mind Fucked!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

My thoughts

I think people are so intrigued by nudity because they think its intimate and personal (which in a way yes) but real intimacy is baring your soul.
Being naked in conversation, thought and opinion is much more revealing then not wearing any clothes...

Sunday, June 22, 2014


All the video sales (via C4S, Niteflirt and Kinkbomb) are all VERY helpful right now as I have no mental capacity for cam currently. If I can before I move I will be online as I do miss seeing, talking and being in My natural state of performing. Dealing with this move, selling of one house, buying of another, all the extra paperwork and headaches I have come across. LORD. I'm like an animal that may lose some fur due to stress... LOL

Tributes are especially nice. Kudos and thank you to those who are thinking of Me and making sure I'm smiling through all these changes. I can't wait to share with those who have been near and dear to Me, serving Me well, friendship, an ear to lean on in a time of needing to vent... All the new things coming up in My life.

:-* :-*

I will eat you alive...heart and soul

I'm here to remind you to spoil Me, serve Me, let Me know that you desire and want to beg for My superior attention. My C4S videos are here, be a good boy:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I always see a ton of messages on Skype when I log in as if you think I'm secretly logged in 24/7! (no?)

I won't see your message unless I'm logged in. Of which then I will ALWAYS reply if I'm available for your paid show time. If you want a show/don't think I'm online then you need to send an EMAIL as I will see that FIRST before I see a Skype message.

Also don't video or voice call Me without permission. you could get yourself removed from My list for that and have to re submit your tribute to be re added.

As always you can read here: for more rules about Skype and how to obtain pvt one on one shows with Me there.

Also (*edit*) please remind Me before every show what type of show you are looking for. I'm not a mind reader and I talk to many people every day, week, month, year. I do have a great memory but I'm not going to remember every single show I give you or exactly what you want without accurate communication. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dance a thon!

Brooke and I went out this past weekend and went dancing at a concert. We ended up on stage, videos were taken of it and I was named "prom queen" of the night. Brooke was named "my wife" by one of the band members. (his wife not mine) It really was a fantastic time. I'm not sure I've ever been so sweaty in my entire life as I wore leggings...thick knitted ones...and it was like 80 degrees. HAH. I think I lost a few lbs...all well, bye winter fluff! Now I'm really ready for a bikini.

Brooke and I do not go out often but when we do, we do it right. The band loved us, signed some t-shirts we bought after the show and took some photos with us. I think that will all stay in the Brooke and Vikki private archives but *laughs it was a great time.

My thighs and legs still hurt three days later. I call it my once every three month work out, when Brooke and I go out on the town and dance so much. HAHA.

Can't wait to do it again!

When emailing Me...

I just want to send out into the universe a reminder of when emailing me to be patient for a response. Especially when it involves wanting to set up a show, pay for a custom etc. Sometimes I only have time to read or see an email and not time to respond. I will respond to all emails, I respond myself no one else works for me in that sense.

Also a lot of the time if I'm live online I don't see that you have emailed me and I'm concentrating on shows. When I log offline it is usually because I have to go somewhere right after and I don't generally check my email right after logging offline either. I tend to see a lot of emails of "come back online!" haha! Trust me I want to do shows...I didn't log off to spite you. *wink

This is flattering it is. But with my life and schedule it is best to join a show when you see me online and not send an email begging for me to come back on. Because usually I can't at that time and I logged off for a reason. Now if you just joined my chat and I logged off seconds after then obviously a situation like that does not apply to you. Also, if you want to set up a time for a show just for you that I log on for so we don't miss each other then I'm open to that as well.

I'm not against that or ignoring emails of wanting to set up shows etc. I've been camming for seven years and I very much enjoy running my own business and responding to everyone on twitter, emails etc. Sometimes it just takes me a little longer then usual or then I would like to do so.

I'm working on closing on a house right now and selling my own. My online time will probably be reduced for the next 30 days. I hope not but if so, this is why. Just have a lot on my plate personally and it has to be figured out and taken care of asap. Wish it wasn't so but it is. I just keep telling myself about 30-45 days from now it'll all be worth the stress.

Please be patient with me during this time, but do not fear to email me as I enjoy customs, being live on cam, schedules shows, making clips etc. It just might take me a bit longer to respond. Good things take time, quality is important. I try to only put out quality so thank you for understanding this.

Don't be offended by short to the point emails either, I'm blunt and brash in real life as well. I just don't see any point of beating around the bushy. I like to get things done. Makes me feel accomplished. Therefor no sugar coating here...But I promise in spite of this I'm very personable. This blog is not about any one person, I've just had lots of emails lately and wanted to say not ignoring anyone or pointing anyone out.

Anyways...I'm about to finish emails, go eat some lunch and start a new painting. Have a good afternoon and thank you again everyone for your support.


A poem a fan wrote for Me this past Christmas

A magical incandescence in a mystifying mire,
A shining beacon of hope and unbounded aspire,
With a wondrous wit and striking smart,
She has a charm and grace and warming heart

With her humorous ways and artistic foray,
She has a strength of mind not one can dismay,
Her journey is young yet her path looks so bright.
Merry Christmas sweet Vikki, I'm sure it won't bite

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday, June 6, 2014

Thursday, June 5, 2014

mesmerized...jerk it to My bouncing shaking ass!

you love that bouncing shaking ass don't you? MMM. Obsessed with it aren't you! That ass...shaking...bouncing in your face. Getting closer and closer. Watch that ass bounce, it is so fucking hot. you love it. you need more and more. MMM. YES. Watch My perfect ass bounce and stroke your dick to it.

Stroke it to My ass. Watch it. Watch Me shake that perfect ass. And jerk that cock to Me. you are neverrrrrr going to get enough. Doesn't it feel SO good to shake this ass...yes I love bouncing this ass, knowing you can't get enough. Jerking that cock to My bouncing ass. SO in love with My ass and shaking it.

*I never stop bouncing or shaking My ass the ENTIRE time in this clip.*

It makes you SO horny and mindless to My bouncing ass. Stroke and be mesmerized!

Jerk and stroke that cock and cum to My ass. your face

Includes but not limited too: Mental Domination, Mesmerizing, Bouncing Ass, Shaking Ass, Dirty Talk, Jerk Off Instruction, Mindless Sensual Seduction

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make ME smile!

Come on now...think how good it will feel when you make Me happy! *smiles Clips and Tributes!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Thong Leotard and Thigh Highs...HOT!

I got this thong leotard off Amazon from American Apparel. I LOVE IT! They have a bunch more in different colors so if you want to slide an gift card My way and clad My hot ass in more leotards I don't think anyone will be complaining. *smiles
I also got the thigh highs same brand off there as well. They are super soft and I would love more as well.
(Any gift cards can be sent too:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

you might get caught.... #blackmail #newvideo

Shhhh. Be quiet....Tie your hand to the chair. Only your right one is left to jerk. Don't worry I will be quiet. I k now you won't be able to take your hand from your cock. I lose control and moan SO loud. Ooops? It'll be worth it when someone finds you jerking to Me won't it? YES.

#BLACKMAILFANTASY #clips4sale "you might get caught"

Monday, June 2, 2014

New leggings!

Gosh I have an obsession with leggings...or maybe anything tight on My ass and legs. Or maybe anything that is shiny and leather ish. Or maybe I like to drive all of you crazy. Either way, either or, win win? I got these off Amazon this week and LOVE them. Do you? *wink

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fan comment left in a tribute...

Dear Goddess Vikki, Thank you for letting me experience Your perfection again. Last night I thought i'd just buy a couple of videos, making a small sacrifice of going to bed with blueballs after watching "Ruined Orgasms 2". You made me feel so full, so ready to burst... & not allowed to cum... I HAD to blow something, empty myself somehow... thank Goddess I still had Your clip store open... making the "right path" very clear - I needed my wallet drained by You, I had to blow a nice load of money for You. I love helping to keep that Perfect smile on Your perfect face. Emptying my wallet for You is far more satisfying than any other kind of release. And not just pleasing You financially, but helping to lift Your rankings on C4S. #2 on the Findom list and climbing! Congratulations and thanks again, Goddess! - name withheld -

I really do enjoy reading emails like these that are sincere and honest. This person really did everything he says he has in the note. Good boy... you have really made Me smile. *wink