Saturday, May 31, 2014

Go eat your cum for ME!

Don't be shy...I have many sensual seductive videos that will help you with this task!  


I've been featured on the front page of Clips4Sale with My banner! YAY! How exciting. I had to look twice this morning (haha) and was like is this a glitch? Why is My banner here? *laughs

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

thank you Universe!

I've been planning to change my life in many ways for quite a few years now. I've really been taking the steps and working hard to get to the point where I can live my life more simply. I grew up in the country and like that one country song "she grew up slow", I really (looking back) enjoyed the opportunity to breathe fresh air, roam the woods and lay in the fields.(I know sort of hippie sounding but that is me)

That being said I have accepted an offer on my house in the suburbs and moving to a farm in the country. YES I will still have high speed internet and YES I will still be cultivating my adult career. I even hope someday to do some more things in the adult industry. Not sure what that means yet but I'm optimistic about that. I want to have adventures, have low housing bills, have the opportunity to feel able to "just breathe" and enjoy the friends, family and people who have made my life so great. (yes that includes all of you!)

I plan to work on my clip stores even more and to start working with some girls I have gotten to know. Princess Lynne specifically, this summer and Misty in Chicago. I hope to gear a lot of my time to clips more and eventually come to a more set cam schedule (though no promises there!)

I will be building a completely new building for my art and cam studio. I don't know if that will happen this year as moving and selling is already a lot of work. BUT I'm very excited to have a separate building on my property to have work be sectioned into and feel more relaxed inside my home. If any of you work from home you know how so many things can affect your vibes inside le casa. Whether this happens now or a few years from now, I  know it'll be a great choice for me.

Coming into my late 20's I'm becoming even more confident in who I'm, what I want out of life and the steps to get there-in my career and personal life. I'm determined and dedicated to being the best I can be in this life time. Even though I know every day is different and my best today may not be my best tomorrow-and some days I will just be a "hot mess" haha! I want the opportunity to make a difference in others lives and hope to have more time for charity, volunteering and improving the positivity of life here on earth.

I believe everyone has their own kink in life, those things that make them tick, brings a smile and happiness, little joys. Moving into more things fetish related instead of vanilla as well career wise has been a great choice for me in this sense. Loving ones work is important and I'm so glad that I do-it really shows in my opinion when passion is present.

Personally as well, for me for awhile that has also included deciding to put lots of research into gardening and being self sufficient. I'm a big fan of mother nature, the universe and everything organic and real. I want to live my life expressing this and I feel the move I'm making is going to make this part of my passion in life much more possible. I believe we are all connected, especially to the earth and we need to preserve this relationship.

I've been talking to the Universe for awhile and with hard work everything is coming together. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in these decisions I've been making and who are happy for me. I hope you find your own path in life rewarding and fruitful. It has been an uphill climb but I'm really going to like the view from the top.

*This also means the next 1-2 months are going to be really chaotic for Me and I will appreciate any and all extra support. Please be patient with emails, custom content and everything else. Just because I'm busy does not mean do not contact me for things you are interested in-I love my career and I like to keep busy.* 

So many emails lately of "what can I do for you?"

The more I've been divulging Myself into the fetish and female domination side of life the more emails I have been receiving of people begging for My attention and asking what they can do for Me. Such emails do not mean much if I do not know who you are, if you have not interacted with Me before.

The first thing to do, to show you are serious is to send a tribute, no matter how small or large, it shows Me that you are not just spouting off steam into My inbox. I really do enjoy personal D/s relationships, I enjoy normal conversations with the knowledge of who is in control no matter what. (Me) I hold every day normal conversations frequently with those who like to serve Me in many different ways along with performing shows catered to specific fetishes and fantasies. I'm thankful for those who always make sure I know they are grateful for such time given to them. They also know how to show appreciation which can be done in many different forms. So perhaps this will answer the what can I do for you questions. (a little)

1. you can browse My blog/clips4sale for typos and let Me know they need fixed.
2. you can find new lingerie you think I would like or enjoy (always love wet look leather tight black)
3. you can send a gift card for such lingerie
4. you can find new bikinis you think I would like to wear, Amazon/Victoria Secret/Beach Bunny etc
5. you can send a gift card for such bikinis
6. you can send tributes, no matter how large or small, leave a note say you are thinking of Me. it does bring a smile to My face and helps Me remember your sincerity in reaching and speaking with Me
7. you can send a $25 amazon gift card to My email ( for My Skype name and we can set up a Skype show etc ($6/minute)
8. you can send tributes and ask for tasks
9. you can send clip ideas you think that would sell well. please remember at the end of the day I chose what to do and if you want a custom video you should purchase one. but keeping up with trends and popular videos is important if you feel I can put My seduction and sensuality into a certain type of clip and you have looked into it then let Me know.
10. you can find stolen videos of Mine and send them to Me so I can send DMCA notices.
11. you can alert Me of fakers to be reported as well. Though being a twin this rarely happens.
12. you can buy large orders of clips, those really make ME smile a lot.
13. you can follow along in My "Introduction to Fetish and Femdom" clips in My C4S store too. Find the first installment HERE and the second installment HERE and the third is coming out on June 2nd a Monday I do believe. I also will be making another video outlining things that please Me as well to make it easier. 
14. Be timely in responding to emails. I know you may be busy working or such things but always reply as soon as you can. I'm *most* always on top of things and I *don't* like to track anyone down for anything...I will lose interest. 

That seems to be enough for now...things that can be done with just minimal time and energy and no monetary effort and some that can require monetary effort etc.

I appreciate all the support in so many ways, the success of My clips stores has come from A LOT of hard work and dedication, market research and many long days and late nights. I feel I'm really coming into My own and things I sincerely like doing after 7 years of being an adult model. Here is to 7 more years, more adventures and meeting lots of new people. I love diversity. *wink

Fan Questions

Is there any escape for me Miss Vikki? or should i just surrender?

I don't like escapees...then I have to punish them...which I guess *could* be fun. I much prefer smiles and being pampered though. So just do what you are told...usually best. 

Fan Questions


when is the blog pictures are going to be posted in your blog Mistress ?

you mean these photos of your pathetic ass? you better send a tribute for having Me take the time to post these. bark bark!

Fan Questions!

muffins or brownies?

Well that really depends on the day! How about muffins in the morning and brownies at night... :)

My Newest Daddy's Girl video !

Daddy you know what I want. You always know what I need. That nice big cock. Just for Me. That is right Daddy. you know how I want it today? I want you bend Me over and lift up My tiny little dress, and I want you to fuck Me doggy style Daddy. I've been wanting it bad, dreaming about that cock. Thinking about it Daddy.

Includes but not limited too: Daddy's Girl Role Play, Topless, Nude, Doggy Style, POV, Extreme Dirty Talk, Teasing, Daddy Talk, Strip Tease

Daddy's Girl role play is a favorite of mine and I can't wait to continue this really popular series in My fantasy clip store. you can find this video and more by clicking HERE and being taken to My C4S store!

Mesmerizing Pussy Control *New Video*

you are so controlled by My pussy. Controlled by the perfection between My legs. your mind is mine. Controlled by My tight little pussy, controlled by what I want, what I need. My perfect tight little pussy. Controlled by Me. Controlled by My tight little pussy between My smooth long legs. Addictive. Obsessed. With My tight little pussy. you need it. you want it. My tight little pussy renders you helpless. Helpless to anything but listening to the sound of My voice. you can only imagine what My perfect little pussy looks like...smells so good. so amazing.

Includes but not limited too: mesmerize, pussy control, dirty talk, tease and denial, female domination, femdom pov

Listening with headphones on in a dark room with no distractions will enhance the experience.

Monday, May 19, 2014

It's Never Enough *New Video* Hot Hot Hot

*Sneak Peak At Tomorrows Video Release In My Fetish and Female Domination C4S Store*

Give to Me. you know how good it feels when you make Me happy. Being seduced into doing so, it feels so amazing, doesn't it? you know what makes Me more and more horny? you giving me more and more money. Again and again. you know it's never going to be enough. you know that right? I'm just going to keep wanting more and more. I'm always hungry. Always horny. For your money. Give it to Me. Hand it over. Make Me smile. Think how big I'm going to smile when you;ve given Me your money. Fulfilling MY needs.

Makes ME want to touch Myself. you giving Me everything, all your money. Again...and again. MMM. Just what I desire. What I want. you want to make Me smile don't you? Make Me feels SO good to bring Me happiness, by giving Me all of your money. Yes. Give it to Me.

Give Me your money. Turn Me on. Make Me horny.

Deposit into My bank account.

Spoil Me.


Includes but not limited too: Sensual, Seductive, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Princess, Goddess Worship, Mesmerizing, Money Fetish, Tribute, Submission 

Thank you :-*

To those who joined Me on Streamate today and for all the awesome clip sales rolling in. :-*

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Teeny...Tiny...String Bikini Tease.

I know you love My nice big tits. especially when I tease you with them. Makes you SO excited and horny. Watching Me touch and squeeze, SO hot. I love playing with My much fun-touching My perfect tits. They are SO soft. Feels sooo good to grab them. Teasing you... MMM. Feels so good to watch doesn't it?

you can't help but need Me so bad...want Me SO bad. MMM. Yes.

Includes but not limited too: Breast Play, Breast Worship, Breast Grabbing/Squeezing,Tease and Denial, Dirty Talk, Role Play, Dirty Talk, HD Logitech Cam, Bikini, Nipple Rubbing

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank you!

For supporting Me. Fulfilling isn't it? TRIBUTE.

New #femdom video.

It really is NO secret. That I have sex and you don't. I get laid and youuu don't. A loser like yourself, you are not having sex. you are not getting a hot tight pussy like mine. All you have is MissMichigan to wank your cock with. And that is if I even allow you to touch it for Me. you are SO under My control you will do whatever I say...even if that means not having sex or masturbating. you will worship me however I want you too. I'm in control. Every minute. Every second. Of your life.

And I want to keep reminding you how I get laid, how My tight little pussy gets fucked so good and you loser. you are not allowed to have sex. not allowed to experience a tight little pussy. you don't deserve it. and I get a nice big cock to please Me and you are left on your knees looking up at Me. Looking at My perfection. Needing Me.

Look at Me bent over! you are NEVER going to have Me like this!

Includes but not limited too: Female Domination, Humiliation, Dirty Talk, Fetish, Goddess Worship, Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial, HD Logitech Cam.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

*NEW* Sensual Mesmerizing CEI and JOE for Teacher

MMM. I know you are already thinking ab out it. It's okay. Teacher won't tell anyone. you are already thinking about those balls filling with cum for Me. Look how hot I'm dressed, you can't resist anything I say right now. Looking at Me makes you so weak and mindless for Me. you want to do whatever I ask. whatever I say. Because it always feels SO good to listen to Me.

Includes: Sensual, Seductive, Cum Eating Instruction, Jerk Off Instruction, Tease and Denial, Dirty Talk, Teacher/Student


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fan Questions

What would you be doing if you weren't filming fetish videos?

Good question. :)
Well, I'm kind of already doing it. I sell my art on Etsy. CLICK HERE!
It really is my passion (as well as the fetish and erotica field) and even though it is has to juggle both sometimes I always make it work out.

What is one clip you personally want to film but haven't?

I REALLY want to film a balloon fetish clip. With my twin Brooke too. I think it would be a lot of fun. I just don't want to have to blow up all those balloons... LOL

you love to be lost in Me...

Having only two clips in #MENTALDOMINATION and already the #2 studio in this category. These videos in GIFS here are #2 and #5 most popular videos. you can find them by CLICKING HERE!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Twin !?!?!

Why yes, yes we are. Take a look at the similarities seen here in our twitter photos. Brooke joked I should try and replicate hers. :p

Tributes Make Me Smile *Thank you*

Why *blush
and then thinking sinister seductive thoughts
Thank you My servant... 
More for Me...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fan Question-Fav Video to Make?

You 2 make a lot of amazing DOM videos. Is that your favorite type of videos to make?

That is a hard question!
Videos are so fun to make because (to me) they are like weaving a story and every one comes out different. Brooke and I are really natural DOMs and working with each other on projects like this is easy and fun. (It is our lack of time that usually gets in the way of making more)
I would have to say my favorite video to make would be...ass worship. Though it really is hard to choose. I enjoy so many fetishes and putting them together. SPH...CEI...JOI...Cuckolding...SO many fun things to explore. I recently did some ear fetish videos and those have had a great response too.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

WOW! #48 Most Popular Studio on Clips4Sale!

I'm so excited as today a fan pointed out that I broke into the TOP 50 MOST POPULAR STUDIOS! (on clips4sale.) I have been working so hard on My fetish and femdom store and I'm so pleased with this occurrence. I thought it would be a long time before it happened. (Only opened it in January!) I always say though, hard work and doing what you love, it just can't go unnoticed! I'm so thankful for everyone's support and can't wait to see my store become even more loved ;)

Fan Question-SPH

I know u make sph clips, but in real life have u ever seen a man's cock & told him it was too small to fuck?

No...because I would never get so far as to be with someone in a room naked and then find out their cock was too small for Me. I would survey the scene before ever entering the bedroom. ;)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Fan Question-SPH and size?

How did you 2 become interested in ? Are you 2 ?

I can't speak for Brooke but I can speak for Myself.
small penis humiliation is a fetish that I find fun and devious to divulge into. I just enjoy it.
Every girl likes a different sized cock because every girl is a different size. I'm not a size Queen, I like what I like and I won't say anymore ;)