Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dominate "Girlfriend"...NEW video

So sweet and innocent I look. I know that's why you love Me. It's so funny, everyone around you thinks I'm your girl friend when we go places-since you spoil Me and do whatever I ask. HAH. This is SO far from the truth. They don't really know you are so far beneath Me and you do everything I ask because you are My slave. Behind everyone's back I'm putting you in your place. I'm in charge always. you always desire Me. My pathetic loser, I own you. The fucking truth-you are a loser-you are always going to be. your place is worshiping Me. Let's put you where you belong. Beneath Me. Kneeling. I'm your boss-not your fucking girlfriend. I only put up with you in My presence because of all the things you do for Me. Such a good listener you are. You live to impress Me. you live to be talked down to by Me. To experience Me, To worship Me-you live for Me. you think in your head, I'm your dominating girlfriend-Goddess you will do anything for anywhere anytime. you are My property

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I want to personally thank all my friends, fans, etc here who come and visit me on cam, purchase my clip videos, custom videos, kind thoughtful gifts and generally are so uplifting and positive here. I've been having a great time being on cam more and I even keep getting emails all the time asking when I will be on next. This means I'm meeting lots of new people, which I LOVE!

Some compliments I received this week that I remember are:

"you are such a natural Dom, I love it"

I smiled and laughed a little and I will respond with this truth. I did not come into the adult industry doing fetish, but once I discovered it I feel like I had a light shining for me into the darkness. It is truly something I LOVE to do. I have never been submissive in any part of my life-even my personal life, but that is so much of what the adult industry portrays and being 20 at the time I just went with it. 
Now that I'm older, more experienced and know what I like and dislike more, I feel my shows and interactions are the best they have ever been-and can only continue to improve.
I have gained so many more new fans, maybe a few have left since I left some things behind that I don't do anymore, but overall I feel more inspired being in and exploring the world of fetish. I truly believe when you are doing something you enjoy it shows and others will enjoy it too.

"you have really made my day with this show, thank you"

Even though I may be into domination (more sensual then sadistic at this time) knowing that the show and story I wove for you live (or in a custom video) dominate or vanilla in style, really made your day better really makes MY day better too. Win win! Thank you

"I was not going to get a show today but then I saw you online and I could not resist"

Well I be damned...That is something I really like to hear, that I provide such a great memorable time that coming to see me specifically even if you were not in the mood before and I changed your mind?!?! POWER *smiles Thank you :)   

Overall I'm posting this slightly personal blog to say I'm grateful, grateful I'm still here and still doing well in my profession. I can say I'm blessed, but I can also say that I have worked very hard on and off cam to bring you the best of who I'm. To help you relax in your day and have a fantasy to take you away the real world for some time.

Thank you for joining ME! How awesome is that. VERY I say.

Have a great weekend, I should be back online early next week. I'm taking an adventure away from home this weekend. Stay tuned for photos! If you are lucky ;)

For The Rest Of Your Life... YOU WILL WORSHIP MY ASS!

Already in your spot like a good boy! *laughs* A good boy who wants to worship this ass forever. Wanting to serve it for the rest of your life. you serving Me and My perfect ass for the rest of your entire life. My perfection. Right here in your face, looking up at My nice, big, perfect, round ass. you desire it like nothing else. you want to show Me just how loyal you are to My ass, don't you?

ass worship, ass spanking/grabbing/bouncing, goddess worship, tease and denial, sensual domination, ass slave, kneel for ass, panty tease, silk thong, looking up

Want to be deep inside My mouth? Here is your chance...

I know you have a little obsession with My mouth, lips and tongue. You have been wanting to see more haven't you? Up close and personal. See My mouth where My beautiful perfect sensual voice comes from. Why don't you come closer. It feels like you are in My mouth. Tell Me you want more! Come closer again.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Worship My ass in so many different positions...

you won't be able to resist taking that cock out and jerking it to My ass. on My commands. As I show off My perfect ass in every position and tell you just how to jerk it. From the chair to My bed, standing up, laying down, bouncing, grinding and more. This is the most perfect ass worship and jerk off instruction video to date. My ass is just divine. My dirty talk perfection.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stealing Again?

Your hot, gorgeous, fit little sister. I know you like sneaking around and stealing My panties. you are such a naughty perverted brother. Now that I have had to start locking My door, what are you going to do for Me now so you can still smell Me?